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The last few days were quite rough for our family. Fiona went in for normal spaying surgery by a vet who was contracted by Arbutus West Animal Clinic in kits. (the vet that our rescue works with) Fiona was pretty dopey when we got her to bring her home & late in the night / morning she was bleeding all over the house & we had to take her in to the vet. The vet that was going to help her was the owner of the company. He said because I was with Big & Small Rescue that this would be covered. I left Fiona at the vet thinking she had simply torn a stitch & as a result, bled all over our carpets & car. It was not as simple as that! The vet/ owner called me later telling me that she was ok, & that he had saved her life. He told me that she had a bleeding pedicle & a tear in the tissue around her kidney. He said the vet that had done the procedure was highly qualified but that he would be asking him what happened as this was a standard & the vet did something wrong. They still had to do some blood work & would determine whether she would come home or not. He mentioned using a special sponge to help the clotting process & no one in the area has access to these except him & its what helped save her... He goes on to tell me that he did over $2000 worth of work Would I be willing to cover the supply of the sponge. He says its between $100 - $150 ugh sure I guess. So I let the rescue know whats going on, & was informed that I am not to pay a penny that as the vet is at fault for this &should be held liable. I go get Fiona, the ladies tell me about her meds, the vet/owner comes to talk to me about how it was tricky but he was glad they were able to save her, that shes doing fine now. A girl asks me to settle up my bill. I let her know that the rescue has advised that I am not to pay. She goes & get the vet/owner who then comes out & starts arguing with me & guilt tripping me that he saved my dog & the rescue is simply a bunch of volunteers who know nothing & that don't I think he deserves to get paid for saving my dogs life?! I let him know again that the rescue advised me not to pay, I appreciate more than words can say for him saving her life but if he wanted to get paid that he had to go through the rescue as I was directed. He started getting angry, telling me that I owe him & that this is between him & I not the rescue... I am getting upset at this point so I tell him if his vet would have done their job yesterday, I wouldnt have had to come here, would he like to pay for my half day of lost wages, my entire house cleaned, carpets dealt with & a detail on my car, never mind the trauma that my family has gone through the last day & half! I said you told me the vet didn't do this right & that you would be talking to him.. He says, I cant get any money from him, I will have to pay him & I don't have insurance for stuff like this... I look down at the invoice, see that its not even $150 its $370! I say, you told me the bill was $150 tops how the heck did it get to $370 all of sudden??!!! I again say I am not paying this, you will have to go through the rescue, I find it very unprofessional that you are badmouthing them as quite a bit of business comes from them. He says he will never get money from them and that I can call the other vet and work it out. I explain that I am leaving and that he can take it up with the vet & rescue himself. This was his business and the financial part of this was done through the rescue that he felt inclined to bad mouth. He then told me he cant chase me down the street but that I should never come back to his business again!! I was mortified and so overwhelmed that I had seriously just had a fight with the vet, that a business professional such as himself would be so rude, so UN professional and to actually try guilt tripping me into paying him. I am and always will be extremely grateful that Fiona is alive and that he saved her. However in business, if you mess up - YOU FIX IT... end of story
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Kick it is an awesome Taekwondo studio. They have programs for all levels including toddlers! Our son has been attending multiple classes per week, starting a few months prior to him starting kindergarten. Immediately his focus and attention span changed. This was perfect prior to starting school. The training has provided an energy outlet for our son with focus on training and commitment, while teaching youth about goal setting. Our son now knows, he needs to pay attention, focus & practice. Kick it makes it fun, while still structured and focused on the kids and each of their development. Our 5 year old son now has a Goal of achieving Black Belt.
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