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Ellen Robison

Scotty, Please help! Just got car back from so called mechanic, but he is a scam! He replaced fuel pump ('9 Chevy Blazer LS 4.3L 6) but he did not change oil. I get it back and it starts the first 2 times and third time does not! I check the oil (don't know why, something told me to) and fuel smell on dip stick. I go to pc and I find that there is fuel in oil because od bad diaphragm in bad fuel pump, and when he replaced it he should have changed the oil too. Is it too late? Dose the Oil control valve need replaced too? Blazer sat over at this guys place for 4 mos. because he is really bad, and it sat through pouring rains and drought, are the seals gone too now? Can they be saved? Please help? I am disabled and need this vehicle to get to the doctor! ~EllenĀ 

A mechanic just brought my SUV back, on a flat bed, after having it for almost 4 months, for a brake job, he was sorely abusing my good nature! And now I have to find another mechanic to finish the job. It still has a brake line leak, and now it also has a coolant leak that was not there before, and I just had to spend 2 days detailing it inside and out. It came back smelling of cigarette smoke inside (I do not smoke) and it had mold all over it, and under the hood it has a white haze all over everything from sitting so long. How can I clean this haze off? Can it be sprayed off with a degreaser and hose? Any help would be appreciated. ~ Ellen

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