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Fiddling while Rome burns.  The new Repubbie strategy.  American exceptionalism again.....along with creationism, dysfunctional healthcare, gun deaths, police brutality.  An amazing place not emulated anywhere in the industrialized world.  

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FYI about Bellingham.  Looking forward to saying hello.

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Martin you will note 5 layers starting with the panel down to the bookmark toolbar before you get to the actual content window.  Seems unbalanced.  In the regular Ubuntu the top layer joins the top panel so there is one less. 

Installed Mate on my XPS 15.  Very fast and easy to use.  Had an issue though with the windows showing the extra panel at the top of the window (the name of the app plus the maximizem minimize and close icons) even in the full screen view.  Particularly top heavy look when using Firefox for example-- seemed out of balance.  Is there an easy way to change the window view that I missed? 

Are you going through an end of year fade?  Or is there something else going on to explain the gap in program?

Anyone else find Google +'s changed format confusing and difficult to navigate?  On high traffic sites with many postings finding an old comment is nearly impossible.  The double column in particular is hard to review since I'm used to vertically arraigned comments. 

Google has violated the KISS principle (Keep It simple Stupid).

Here in Washington State.  Nice implementation of Netflix in Ubuntu--didn't work quite as well for me in Mint 14.  Giving up on Mint, Cinnamon desktop.  Found the decentralized system, administration and preferences options dysfunctional and confusing.....I'm an old guy.
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