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//A Chicago Creative Agency bursting at the seams!
//A Chicago Creative Agency bursting at the seams!


Hey everyone, looking for some help... 
Trying to resolve an issue with Gmail. I am not sure why but the Gmail account that I used for many years disappeared some time ago, I have been using this one but would like to get the original Gmail address.

The account is not valid as I did a test email and Google told me that that address does not exist and sent the email back to me. When I try to set up a new one with the same name it is telling me that name is already in use. Obviously this is not possible to have this email be used & not used at the same time. 

Can anyone provide feedback on this issue?

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Thanks for the Invite! Glad to be hear and connect with a good community.  Looking forward to sharing and learning from/with all of you! Stop by & check out my company page 
+Integraphix Creative Marketing and add Team Integraphix to your circles. 

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Thanks for all the #GPlus  love everyone! Make sure to stop by my company page +Integraphix Creative Marketing and add us to your circles when you get a moment!

If you are on Twitter you can follow Team Integraphix @integraphix& 
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Hey Everyone, I recently started to Plus our Clients,  have been working on some issues all week and am hoping to get some of your opinions & possible help. 

Firstly, the difference & connection between G+ Local Pages vs. Biz Pages. Here is an article I found recently,  talking about the differences and/connection between listing pages & a biz page. 

Q1) How do you all feel about this, do you have two separate G+ pages for yourselves or clients, or do you keep the Google Map listing and focus on your Biz Page.
(IMO) This is confusing and hard to manage but we are whiling to set up both if it worthwhile and will help our clients.

Q2) Is anyone els having a hard time Connecting current Blogs on Blogger to G+ Biz Pages?  I would like to connect each clients page to its blog…yet it does not want to let me do this! 

 After asking for help with this in other communities I am going to put this here as it has become a time consuming problem.  It took me almost a full day to connect one blog and am continuing to have the same issues with other pages.

I followed Google instructions, and while it verified that the invitation was accepted the new manager of the page refuses to show up on my blogs settings. After 4 attempts it finally did show up and I was able to switch owners but again, it took multiple attempts and loads of time. As I moved on to the next page it started doing the same thing: Settings says invitation was sent, accepted and verified by email but it does not show the new member on blogger settings, not allowing me to switch ownership and connect the biz page…

Thanks in advance for any help or advice on these matters! 

Hey Everyone! This is +Yevgeniya Gozenpud and I have been helping Scott at +Integraphix Creative Marketing set up and update their clients accounts on G+! We are a small but mighty agency northwest of Chicago and are all super excited to get our Google on :D 
Great to be here and we are looking forward to getting to know all of you more, sharing and learning… Hope everyone is having a Happy Friday ~ Cheers :D 

I am trying to connect one of the blogs I run on Blogger to a business page I set up. It seems to be only giving me the option to connect to this personal account vs. the business page that the Blog is dedicated to. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I link the page to the blog without connecting it to personal account or where I can find the info I need?

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