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Gareth Skarka
Writer, Game Designer, Consultant: Insurgent Creative and New Media Polymath.
Writer, Game Designer, Consultant: Insurgent Creative and New Media Polymath.


I'll admit -- I'd totally forgotten about Google Plus.

Checking, it seems as though I haven't posted anything here in 13 weeks. The post immediately before that one? 21 weeks.

Is this still a thing? Or is it limping along until Google puts it out of its misery?
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For #TabletopDay, get every single THRILLING TALES book in print, plus bonus PDFs, all for $49.95.
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Back when Paizo Publishing released PATHFINDER, Adamant Entertainment was the first support publisher -- we released TOME OF SECRETS at GenCon on the same day the game was released.

Over the years, we did a total of 7 Pathfinder releases -- and now you can get them all in a PDF bundle for 40% OFF the regular price (and, if you've gotten some of them already, DriveThruRPG automatically discounts the bundle price to reflect that)!

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Adamant Entertainment is pleased to present the latest in our line of Thrilling Tales products: Pulp Villains!

Each Pulp Villains release will detail a nefarious non-player-character, ready to be dropped into your pulp-genre Savage Worlds game, fully statted, with details on their methods, motives, special gear, henchmen, allies and more -- along with a collection of adventure hooks for their use.

In this installment:




“LOOK UPON ME, SIMPLE HUMANS, and know that you stand in the shadow of your better. I am Kongo, and I am potential realized -- transformed by science into something superior to man and beast alike!

"There are many who will see me as a monster, and perhaps I am. But if I am a monster, it is because your kind desired a monster. Look upon your works, pathetic humans, and weep. Your reckoning is at hand, and the time of humankind is at an end. Tremble before the might of Lord Kongo!"


A monster is on the loose — a creature of savagery forged by weird science into a terrifying force of conquest and vengeance!

From the gleaming spire of Science City X, to the darkest heart of the Lost Island of Kura-Buto, the Simian Mastermind plots, his mind racing with strange new theorems, horrifying equations, and bizarre machineries — a blazing torrent of pure innovation. And above it all, the burning unquenchable thirst — for REVENGE.

Locked in a secret war with the corrupt terror scientists of the Moreau Society, armed with strange technology, and in command of a horrifying array of mutated animal soldiers, woe betide any who stand against LORD KONGO!

Pulp Villains: Lord Kongo by Brandon Jerwa with Jarrod Feliciano, uses the Savage Worlds rules system, as featured in THRILLING TALES 2nd Edition. 41 pages, featuring fully-statted NPCs and adventure hooks, plus a collection of bonus files - 11x17 printable poster maps of Science City X and the Lost Island of Kura-Buto, as well as an 11-page quick reference guide featuring the stats of every NPC and creature featured in the supplement.

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We've taken our Savage Worlds Holiday print bundle, and divided it up by product line: MARS and THRILLING TALES.

Want to adventure beneath the moons of Mars? The MARS core book and the adventure omnibus, in print, together for only $39.99:

Two-fisted Savage Worlds pulp -- THRILLING TALES, every single print release, together for $49.95:
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Coming this Friday...


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Coming soon for THRILLING TALES: Our latest Pulp Villain - LORD KONGO!

Text by Brandon Jerwa (with an assist by Jarrod Feliciano), interior art by Gareth Skarka and Colton Worley (Dynamite Entertainment's THE SPIDER).

KONGO: the supergenius product of a terror-science experimental program, bent on destroying the cabal of madmen that created him…


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Merry Christmas, Savages!

From your two-fisted friends at +Adamant Entertainment!

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Adamant Entertainment's big Savage Worlds Holiday Bundle!

Here's what we've got cooked up for the holidays: A limited-time bundle, containing EVERY SINGLE SAVAGE WORLDS BOOK WE PRODUCE! In Print!

The bundle features:

• THRILLING TALES Adventure Omnibus #1
• THRILLING TALES Axis of Evil, Volume 1
• THRILLING TALES Adventure - Terror In Tinseltown
• MARS - The Core Book (hardcover!)
• MARS Adventure Omnibus

That's $135 worth of product, which we're selling at WHOLESALE -- $80. PLUS -- We're throwing in all of the PDF copies of the books, and PDFs of THRILLING TALES and MARS Bennies.

So Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Blessed Yule, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays -- whatever you celebrate! We are SO THANKFUL for you guys, and we can't wait to show you what we've got coming in 2018.

EDITED TO ADD: If you've already got some of this stuff in print, please check out my comment below for some important info.

Here's the link:
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