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COO of Kelby Media Group. Perfecting the speed and operational effectiveness of the Creative Force!
COO of Kelby Media Group. Perfecting the speed and operational effectiveness of the Creative Force!


+Seth Godin writes today on his blog; 
"Perfecting your talk, refining your essay and polishing your service until all elements of you disappear might be obvious tactics, but they remove the thing we were looking for: you."
A powerful thought to keep in mind as we strive to perfect our various workflows and practices!
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So +Scott Kelby has been working hard to help me capture those "magicial" football shots, you know the one's in his poster series.  Today,I'm very pleased to share one of those classic football photo's. Note the Referee's head, perfect center placement, just masking out the ball!  Perfect! ;-) 
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If you don't follow +Seth Godin  your doing yourself a disservice.  Here is a snippit from todays post that hits home with those of us involved in marketing:
"If your marketing isn't working, it's either because your promises aren't useful (and big) enough or we don't believe you're the one to keep them."

So which is it? 
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For me +Tim O'Reilly really nailed it about the power of social media today when he wrote:
In short, the secret of promotion in the age of social media isn't to promote yourself.  It's to promote others.  Success comes when your success depends on the success of your customers, your suppliers, your end-users, and when you spend more of your time thinking about them than about yourself.  You can even promote your competitors.  The rest of the post is below.
I just wrote a long post for LinkedIn's launch of new social blogging features, which was inspired by watching a bunch of marketing folks trying to come to grips with the new rules of marketing via social media. It contains advice based on our history at +O'ReillyMedia.
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This book is a must read if writing a book is in your future!  Even if you're not sure about the self-publishing part.
(Mon08) I'm looking for a few people to beta test my next book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

A background in writing and publishing is helpful. Looking for any kind of comments such as copyedits, content, facts. style, etc. OCD is highly desirable.

This is how well this process worked last time: 

Please go here:
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If you're of the mind to write and self-publish a book, then you need to read the new title from +Guy Kawasaki.  It's called: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur (or APE...if you will). I've read it and had many lively discussions over the last few weeks with +Shawn Welch it's co-author. It's scheduled for a mid October release, but rumor has it that +Guy Kawasaki is going to invite your feedback very soon , so stay tuned and be part of what I'm sure will be a blockbuster book on self-publishing!
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I happen to visit +Seth Godin on a daily basis and todays blog post has a message we all need to think about from time to time:

Either, not both

Stand out or fit in.

Not all the time, and never at the same time, but it's always a choice.

Those that choose to fit in should expect to avoid criticism (and be ignored). Those that stand out should expect neither.

Well, it's all about making a choice!
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What a fantastic week at the +Google+ Photographer's Conference ! Talking today with so many instructors and attendees who helped make it a ground breaking new conference and what they liked or felt about their experience and just came across +Karen Hutton's post. Wow, I coundn't say or sum it up any better!

If you have one of those stories to tell that Karen mentions or even if it's still unfolding we would love to hear it.
(Would make a great addition to the page.)

This is a new conference model help us tell it's / your story.
The G+ Photographer's Conference was a HUGE success!!
The capper yesterday was +Sergey Brin (pictured here) and Google Glass. We got a sneak peak! He's wearing them in this photo. They had done a photowalk with them earlier... and then shared some of the photos taken with these amazing devices. You can check them out over on +Project Glass. These are SUCH exciting times we live in!!

The conference itself was truly like a festival of great ideas, inspiration, warmth and good will. There are fantastic stories of how people got there... face to face meetings of folks who had only been friends online or on hangouts... learning, laughter, the works. I'm going to be absorbing it all for some time to come.

I ONLY took my NEX-7, since it was the only way I could force myself to focus and learn the new routine. M'lady Canon has a way of landing in my grip without a thought... so I wanted to HAVE to learn. I shot this image of Sergey photo with the NEX-7 and its cool little 55-210 telephoto lens. I'm going to assemble an album of my conference experience in the next couple of days... but wanted to share this, our first REAL glimpse of Google Glass!

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+Daniel Gregory hope to meet up with you at the show! +Peter Hurley was in our offices yesterday and he echoed your comment on learning more about how to really use G+ effectively and the tremendious oppertunities to network! See you there!
Got all booked into the +Google+ Photographer's Conference in San Francisco in a few weeks. Really looking forward to photowalk and hanging out in Chinatown with my buddy +RC Concepcion. Last time I was in a chinatown with RC we had some great photos and some amazing food. No pressure RC.

As for the conference, it is going to be a blast. getting to connect with new and old friends. Really looking forward to learning about not just google+ but also getting a look at photo reviews and better ways to share.
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WOW, I must be getting old, this code totality got past me until I read this post! LOL Great Deal and seats are limited!
Apparently our Member Services department is a very lonely group! Hahahaha!!!!

Here's the STUDent pricing to attend the G+ Photographer's Conference (and I'm not kidding! LOL!) I'm going to separate it out (on its own line) so you can let it sink in...


Oh yeh baby!!! Oo la la!

Anyway, enter the STUDent discount code above and attend the conference for ONLY $99. cause we love us some STUDents! I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Hahahaha!
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