I wanted to make sure I was understanding the power options for the BADGEr,

http://wyolum.com/projects/badger/ lists Power Options:
- 2450 coincell (~ 100 page turns) - easy to understand
- Lanyard terminals (7-12V) - easy to understand

This are not on my v4.1 that I can find.
-- JST connector for lipo batteries
-- microUSB (5V)
-- Barrel jack [not populated] (7-12V)

I think the schematic OHSBadge_sch.pdf in the power supply section (lower right) seems to break it down as:
P5 = JST / 3 volt
P6 = barrel jack / 7.2V LiPo | 9V Battery | 12V Wall Wart
P7 = microUSB header ?

Maybe I am not reading the the wording on the badger page as intended, but I wanted to verify these before ruining my board.
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