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4Ground Forums
Last night 4Ground opened up their new forums to support their growing range of terrain as well as their successfully funded game, Legends of Fabled Realms. The forum can be found on If you missed the Fabled Realms kickstarter, it...

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Tale of 4 warlords
With the release of 8th edition 40k, I decided that it was time to revisit the world. I'd pretty  much given up by the end of 6th as it was getting a bit ridiculous with all the rulebooks coming out. 7th just made it even worse. The hope with 8th is that it...

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Clearly I'm a failure at keeping up to date with blogs these days... lets see if I can do better this month. The office is slowly coming together. The woodwork is all done and most things are now in, but I'm still slowly sorting through all the rubbish that...

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Silence falls
It has been a while since the last update here; mostly because everything was going onto the Analogue Hobbies blog (that reminds me... must send the curtgeld on Saturday!!). Painting time has been fairly limited as we've been painting the house, but I have ...

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W/WW2 German reinforcements
One of my personal goals for this year's painting challenge was to try and build up my WW2/Weird War collection a bit and bulk out the Commandos and Heer that I've done over the last 2 years. I picked up one of those pick and mix German army deals from Warl...

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New Year Resolution 1 - Tick!
Coming into this year I had a few resolutions in terms of gaming. 1) Try and complete some of the batches of figures already in the house. The Challenge is helping with this one and yesterday's batch of German infantry  and finishing these two taks that hav...

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Oh you are kidding me
Couldn't the grim reaper take Christmas off? This year has been ridiculous for important cultural figures being taken too early. Early in the year we had Bowie, Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood and Prince (amongst far far too many others). To round out Christmas...

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Happy Christmas!
A very merry seasonal greeting to everyone. I hope you were all good and got lots of nice presents this year! I got a couple of fantastic presents from the Santa Clause and Secret Santa groups this year; thank you so much to everyone involved in those! Thro...

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Laptop death
Just in time for Christmas, my laptop has decided to give up the ghost... so my apologies for the radio silence recently. I can't believe how expensive a new Mac would be... an Alienware top end gaming laptop is about half the price of the base level Macboo...

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It is all-out Warfare today
Like a few other people on my blogroll, I went to Reading's annual gaming show, Salute, this morning. Given that it is about a mile from home, it would be daft not to. I nearly ended up helping out on the Modiphius stand, but one of their team ended up maki...
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