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Remain calm and...
Remain calm and...

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Awesome example of how 'measurement' innovation is a driving force behind other innovation breakthroughs. Love it. Enjoy!

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Great article. Enjoy!

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Great article. Highlights the importance of user journey mapping. Love it. Enjoy!

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+Google+ Your Business +Google +Google for Work

Guys, I mean, I love ya'll, but -- wtf? In my work email... Ok, don't bring problems, bring solutions:

The presence of ads makes it hard to ignore the email experience...

As a project manager, I want the experience of 'checking my email' to be as emotionally neutral as possible.

So that, I don't feel as if I can't control one of my most frequently used communication channels.

I have enough trouble herding cats all day long, I don't need another constant reminder that I'm sitting behind a computer screen instead of out climbing a mountain.

Thank you for your time.

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This makes me smile =)

Some things in life must be experienced first-hand before they can be understood...Trying to explain climbing, without ever having experienced climbing, is a fool's errand. 

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Now that's innovative thinking :)

Anyone have an invite for the new Google Inbox? Pretty please =)

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Ok that's awesome :)

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