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Lauren W
I'm Lauren. I'm a twenty-six year old mom to a toddler, Northern Midwest inhabitant, and keeps a holistic perspective on life.
I'm Lauren. I'm a twenty-six year old mom to a toddler, Northern Midwest inhabitant, and keeps a holistic perspective on life.

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Managing a Three-year-old's Hair
Luckily for Mira, her mom has naturally curly hair and knows how to manage it. Her hair is JUST like mine - naturally bouncy, spirally, tight curls from the root to the end. As I've gotten older mine have tamed wayyyy down, but all my pictures from childhoo...

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Allowing Tomorrow to be a Good Day
There are far too many everyday things that I turn into something bigger, more special, than what they have to be. Why? Because I have this fear of time slipping by too quickly. I fear a life not lived enough or feeling too short. I fear that all these mome...

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My 2017 Bucket List
Hey guys and happy January! Whether you do resolutions or not, I think making a bucket list is a helpful thing to do. You can make it for the year, or just a month or season, but regardless it's something to keep you accountable in achieving goals and makin...

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Holiday Gift Guide For Her
I tell myself every year that I'm going to put together a gift guide on my blog and it seems that I forget some years! Below are some fun favorites that would be great for girlfriends, sisters, daughters, etc. Le Labo has an extremely popular scent; Santal ...

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Oops, I said 'Yes to the Dress' Twice
Dress shopping. What a fun experience! (And honestly a little stressful). I grabbed a fun downtown Minneapolis hotel for 2 nights and drove down to the Twin Cities to shop for wedding dresses. I originally just booked one bridal boutique; a&bé bridal shop ,...

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Engaged! Now What?
I'm so very excited to announce that (finally) I'm engaged! I mean we're  engaged! For the last, I don't know, FIVE years (or ever since Pinterest was invented) I have browsed the wedding Pinterest category and made an embarrassing amount of secret wedding ...

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The Biggest Thing I've Learned in My Twenties Thus Far
A lot of doors close when you're in your twenties. It feels constant; hearing "No" in all its forms. You're not only trying to find yourself, but build a career, build a family, build relationships, and build wealth. Something is always bound to go wrong wh...

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Worry, As Told By a Mother
As I got to the grocery store parking lot the other day, an old 90's Buick was sitting in the middle of the crosswalk, blocking the way to cars trying to park. I muttered some comment about how old people shouldn't drive. I eventually snuck around the car a...

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10 April Fools Pranks to Play On Your Spouse
Sometimes we are on the ball with April 1st, but sometimes we forget. There's a chance your significant other might be on the ball and know your tricks right away, but on the off chance they might not remember, here are some ideas! 1. Get a doughnut box (fr...

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Hipster Baby Name Ideas
You guys. I have an obsession with baby names. I have a list on my iphone notepad that keeps on getting longer. Too bad I'll never use 99.9% of them! So I figured I would share the love with you all! My favorite hipster name right now is Pabst. Just kidding...
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