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Aisyah Syukur
jangan biarkan cinta kepada manusia melebihi Ilahi
jangan biarkan cinta kepada manusia melebihi Ilahi

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Dia balas komen I la 😆😆


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My Hijab is my Pride
My Hijab is my Choice
My Hijab is my Life
My Hijab is my Freedom
Freedom from disrespect
Freedom from the prying eyes
of lustul men in the society
My Hijab prevents jinns
From attacking me
Through my head from
The hair on me head
It makes the Angels happy
and makes them bless me
For a woman without Hijab
Is to receive the curse of the Angels
Hijab is my Dignity
It is my Identity
My Identity as a Muslim(ah)
My Hijab makes me obey Allah
For HE commands us all
(Muslimah) to use it for
Our own good
My Hijab Enhances my Beauty
Whenever Igo with my Hijab
They point and say:
Oh, see that Muslim girl
I love the way she dressed
Islamically with her Hijab
And the Muslims say:
Allahu Akbar
My Hijab is my Modesty
It prevents me from rape
Because no matter where
You are in mycountry
They will say: oh!
That's an Hajia
Leave her alone, else
God will punish you
It prevents me from
abuse anywhere
It gives me the respect
Ideserve as a woman
It prevents me from
Sexual harrassment from
Myco-students and
Lecturers a like in school
Hijab is not Oppression!
Hijab is the expulsion
From harrassment and
Other vices
I Love My Hijab
And I wear it with pride
A Muslim and a Muslimah

G: if you can go a day without talking to me,obviously i'm not that important to you.
B: hv u read your Quran today?
G: not yet.
B: tht's mean He's not that important to you too. if He's not tht important to you, i wonder where do i stand in your heart.
G: *terduduk

nah....letakkan cinta Allah nombor 1 kat hati kita..basahkan lidah dengan zikrullah,selawat,ayat2Nya... =)
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