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We help you improve your competitive advantages as we know how a trader chooses his broker.
We help you improve your competitive advantages as we know how a trader chooses his broker.

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News of the day. 23.02.2017

Gross Domestic Product. Germany, 09:00 (GMT+2)

The data on Gross Domestic Product in Germany is due at 09:00 (GMT+2). It is expected that in Q4, the indicator will remain unchanged at the level of 0.4%. The indicator shows market value of all final goods and services produced in Germany in a year. Higher results induce euro rate increase. Lower results, on the contrary, call for decreasing euro rate.

Initial Jobless Claims. USA, 15:30 (GMT+2)

The weekly data on Initial Jobless Claims in the USA is due at 15:30 (GMT+2). It is forecasted that the previous week indicator will grow from 239K to 241K. This indicator shows the amount of new initial jobless claims, is published weekly on Thursdays, and gives a perspective of the NonFarm Payrolls indicator. The decrease of the amount of the claims influences the USA dollar in a positive way. Increased amount of claims, on the contrary, is considered to be a negative factor.


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News of the day. 20.02.2017

Producer Price Index. Germany, 09:00 (GMT+2)

At 09:00 (GMT+2) producer price index will be published in Germany. It is predicted that the rate will fall to 0.2% in January from 0.4% a month earlier. The index tracks the performance of commodity prices in wholesale scale. The growth of index, in general, strengthen EUR, the decrease weakens it.

Consumer Confidence. EU, 17:00 (GMT+2)

At 17:00 (GMT+2), data on the level of consumer confidence in the Eurozone. It is expected that the rate will remain unchanged at -4.9 points. This indicator reflects the confidence of consumers in the current economic situation. Higher values are considered to be a positive signal and support the exchange rate of EUR. Values lower than expected weaken EUR.


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News of the day. 16.02.2017

Unemployment Rate s.a. Australia, 02:30 (GMT+2)

The January Unemployment Rate s.a. is due at 02:30 (GMT+2) in Australia. The index is expected to stay on the same level of 5.8%. The data on unemployment rate represents a percentage of the total labor force that is currently unemployed. A growth in the indicator is considered a negative factor for the country’s economy and weakens the AUD. A fall in the indicator suggests economic growth and strengthens the AUD.

ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts. EU, 14:30 (GMT+2)

The ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts is due at 14:30 (GMT+2). Account of the monetary policy meeting contains an overview of the current economic situation, commentaries on the recent monetary policy decisions and macroeconomic forecasts.

Continuing Jobless Claims. USA, 15:30 (GMT+2)

The Continuing Jobless Claims index is due at 15:30 (GMT+2) in the USA. The index is expected to grow to 245K WoW from 234K in the previous week. The index refers to the number of unemployed receiving unemployment benefits and is published weekly on Tuesdays. It predicts the nonfarm payrolls value. A growth in the index weakens the USD. A fall in the index strengthens the USD.

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