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Dann Brown
Still trying to be faithful to God, still trying to make the world a better place, still doing what I love
Still trying to be faithful to God, still trying to make the world a better place, still doing what I love

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A Braided Trajectory
There are several currents moving in, around and through our lives as the people of the Church of the Advent in Madison, GA in the year 2017.  Think spiritual, political, regional, financial, historical, personal, physical, communal, tribal and on and on.  ...

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Down to Earth
Our just passed days of Easter celebration, Pentecost and Trinity Sunday observances have been wonderful in helping us to focus on the hard work of the "early church" in making sense of the news -- called good -- that the one who died and was raised was who...

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Extra-Ordinary Time
This Sunday, June 11 is set aside to give us a chance to focus on a description God that emerges for us out of biblical narrative and the life of the early Church and most especially out of the story of the life, death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus incl...

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Easter Necessity
There are so many moments in the gospels when what we read seems less a factual narrative account of the activity of Jesus and his followers and instead is more like an attempt to frame and present a theological claim.   One of those is when we are presente...

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Easter Maturity
I haven't worshipped with other Episcopal congregations during Easter in a while. So I haven't seen what others are doing when it comes to things like standing for the Prayers or forgoing the Confession of Sin or adding alleluias to most acclamations etc.  ...

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Easter Discovery
The stories we hear on Sunday during Easter season are meant help us discover or wake up to something we have likely missed.  That Jesus is raised from the dead brings a new light to the world without which we are blind, not only to the truths embedded in o...

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Easter Imagination
I wrote recently about how  the comprehensiveness of our Prayer Book's options.  There are 2 versions of our Rite One Eucharistic prayers and 4 of the Rite Two Prayers.  Within each of those liturgical sets are smaller options.  Some we try to employ "per s...

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Easter Sharing
During Lent and now extended into the season of Easter a small dedicated group has met to discuss and share their insights, stories and concerns in response to the 5 Marks of Love: Tell, Teach, Tend, Transform, Treasure.  Each "mark" capsulizes how we accom...

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Easter Gratitude
Alleluia! Christ is risen! What a wonderful and deeply enriching Holy Week and Easter it was.  There are so many who stepped up to help with a full calendar of worship and activities.  Some of you attended every service! Several served and some at more than...

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Some of you will remember that we read Mclaren's "We make the road by walking" a couple of years ago.  His words have always challenged so much of our "conventional wisdom." The Deepest Difference in Christianity is not what you think. APRIL 9, 2017|BY BRIA...
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