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Bali Tour
Bali Tour


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Bali Islands is is perfect choice for those want to have amazing holiday.
For travel blogger we have special offer for those want to visit Bali, we offer 1 free full day tour service, contact us for more details
Website : 
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Bali Kintamani and Uluwatu Tour is the Bali Full Day Tour Packages we created by combine two amazing tourist destination in single day, this kintamani uluwatu tour will enjoy visit the stunning volcano view at kintamani and then visit the beautiful uluwatu temple, there is also other tourism site will be visit during this tour. The journey Kintamani Uluwatu Tour start with watching the traditional Balinese dance of Barong and Keris dance at batubulan village, this dance is the most watching by tourist during their holiday in Bali, then tour continue to visit the Batuan Art Painting village to see remarkable painting art made by local people in this village, the we drive to visit the Batuan Temple, is Balinese Hindu temple located in the main road, this temple most visited due the location is very strategic and has beautiful architecture.

#balitour #kintamani #volcano #uluwatu #temple 
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Bali Kintamani and Tanah Lot Tour is part of Bali Full Day Tour Packages we designed to put two famous tourism site in single day tour, this tour will enjoy visiting the spectacular view of mount batur volcano at kintamani village and then continue to visit the beautiful Tanah Lot Temple. There will be other tourist destination also to be visited during this Kintamani Tanah Lot Tour packages. 

#bali   #kintamani   #tanahlot   #tour   #balifulldaytour   #volcano   #sunset  
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6 Most Popular Temple Visited by Tourist During Holiday in Bali Islands Bali islands known as island with thousand temple and other nick name was given by tourist which visit the islands. The name of thousand temple was given by tourist, Balinese Hindu…
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The Meaning Word of Bali Islands From The Sources of Inscription Bali Islands is small islands part of Indonesian Country, the islands offer beautiful places of interest to visit with many historical things for learning and seeing. Bali islands become the…
History of Bali Islands
History of Bali Islands
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History of Bali Islands
History of Bali Islands
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Happy sharing

Peter's circle V 0.21

Last circle did 93 reshares ;-) but i'll guess, we can do better ;-) so join the circle

I want to say thank you for all the great content producers, plussers and sharers and share a circle myself. People sharing this circle will find theirself in the circle My BEST SHARERS to be released next saturday.

Plussing, comenting or resharing of my posts (photos,blog entries) will result in the circle MY BEST ENGAGERS to be released next wednesday.

I added mainly people convincing with their own content and sorry if i accidentally did not include one or the other ;-) If i did so and you already follow me, plus the post and let me know. But i reduced the circle a little bit by deleting accounts not active for more than 60 days or didn't engage in any form.

If you want to be added in future versions of this circle please follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have already added me into your circles
2. Plus, Comment and Reshare the original post to public (URL below) and don't forget to include yourself ;-)


Have fun and keep sharing
Peter Marbaise aka tuxoche

My blogs (german) (english) (photos)

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To be added to the Circle you have to do these simple steps:

1 - include me in your circles
2 - Click add people and create your circle
3 - share the circle (include yourself)
4 - add +1 to the post

*More you share more you get!*

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A  C I R C L E   T O  P A Y   I T  F O R W A R D

A BIG Thank You to all those who participated by recommending someone to join in.  You are included in this circle. 

WIth your recommendation you help others and you help yourself. Also, it's a wonderful way to compliment the work of someone who is just starting on G+.

Invite someone to join +Circles Circles Circles 

Purpose: the purpose of this circle is to encourage engagement among G plussers. Reach out to those that may need new followers and you both will be able to reap the benefits. Look for artists, photographers, bloggers, scientists, writers, Googlers, techies, foodies, animal lovers, plant lovers, Googlepeneurs, you name it.

Note: Some people did not respond to the invitation to be part of this circle last week, so they may not be included. If you feel they should be included, write a private note to them and let them know. Only those that circle our page can be part of our circles. 

Please read all the rules below in its entirety before asking for inclusion.


1- This circle is specifically geared to those new to G+
2- Make sure to circle our page
3- Recommend someone for inclusion in the circle 
4- Your recommended person has to have LESS than 1000 followers and be an active plusser (if they have not posted in two weeks they are not active)
5- Write on the comments section below the name of that person (Feel free to invite them on to our page by writing a message right on the comments section below.) 
6- You and your recommended person will be included in this circle

Re-sharing of this post will be deeply appreciated. Re-sharing benefits everyone!

Have fun and Pay it Forward!

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