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Harry Potter World - London
In February, we took my sister and two of her friends to Harry Potter studios here in London for her birthday treat. Not a big Harry Potter fan myself, I was happy to see her show an interest in the HP books as she rarely reads (and, you know, I'm a nerd an...

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30(ish) day challenge complete
It's true - I completed 30 days of yoga! Ok, I did do it in 32 days but I did do it.  Have I mentioned I'm impatient? Well, I am. I want results now. So as I sit to write this I very much was wishing I'd be uploading an incredible photo of having my hands f...

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Renewed Year, Renewed Me.
Unlike some, I don't have a love or hate relationship with New Year Resolutions. I like giving myself some "to do" tasks but I don't hold myself to a time or worry that I didn't sign up to the gym on 1st January (note: instead I decided to sign up in Novemb...

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Hello there.
I remember the night that Louis
declared…. ... “the Saudis are bombing
Sana’a” .  I was awake due to my full
bladder, having gone to bed without any sign of distress or imminent conflict
in Yemen. It took all of my willpower to avoid checking my Jordanian m...

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First Gear, Full Speed!
All stocked up on biscuits and water (it was a running joke, my insistence on making sure everyone hydrated regularly!), we headed towards the first destination in our Oman road trip - the Bimmah Sinkhole.   I want to mention that, despite the roads in Oman...

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I am Girl
In May 2013, I watched  The Stoning of Soraya M. , and I started writing this blog post.  Today, on account of it being International Women's Day and the discussions happening all around me, I will finish what I started writing. I must preface my post by sa...

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Certified Muscateers!
Normally, I only need a holiday after a holiday if that
holiday involves visiting family (mainly due to the many outings, gatherings,
lunches, etc). But, I've been back from Oman for almost two weeks and my body
must've been craving some form of rest becaus...

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Full of grace?
You know how they say that you are measured not by how you react to success but it's how you react to challenges or failures? I'll be the first to admit, I'm not one who exhibits qualities of grace and gratitude that easily. More often than not, when someth...

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BuhBye 2014
I'll claim that I'm publishing this "new year" post late on purpose. One week in should be enough time to figure out what resolutions I may actually accomplish. Last year I resolved to take more photos and be more considerate. I can happily say that I took ...

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The Beef Stops Here
I'm normally a
chicken kinda girl. Or sushi. If sushi is involved, sushi is normally chosen.  Having said that, I do enjoy a nice steak or burger but I'm quite picky about
how it tastes. But. There's one place in
Amman you're guaranteed to get amazing, tend...
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