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Anand Gandhi
"Handbags and Lingo" is an anagram of Anand Gandhi's blog.
"Handbags and Lingo" is an anagram of Anand Gandhi's blog.

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The breakout film of TIFF 16!
The buzz around An Insignificant Man is hitting the sky at TIFF. Here are some glimpses: Best politics doc I've seen since Streetfight! — Jason Mojica (@elmodernisto) September 10, 2016 The Insignificant Man is a supremely phenomenal...

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Near Singularity
There’s only one thing left to do When your seed has taken root Draw a map for the passerby,  Showing how to get to fruit. Write, write, rewrite the memoir Hack it, crack it, cheat the meat, For, you can only go so far When your software’s obsolete. The fir...

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Google Cardboard
If you are experiencing ghosting / overlay / double image (a mismatch between the left and the right views) in your YouTube 360 and other VR videos (like VRSE), it may be because of wrong cardboard calibration. Go to the Google Cardboard settings on your ph...

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Read into the wisdom you are killing for.
न यः संपृच्छे न पुनर्हवीतवे न संवादाय रमते ।  तस्मान्नो अद्य समृतेरुरुष्यतं बाहुभ्यां न उरुष्यतम् ॥  ऋग्वेदः मण्डलं - ८. He who has no pleasure in questioning, nor in debate, nor in dialogue,  Defend us to-day from him and from his encounter, defend us from...

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An Examined Death
(This piece was written more than two weeks ago. There have been some developments recently. Also, I hope to find more time soon to reflect further on the last bit - the case of mental instability). Right
to kill, but not to die At the risk of reductionism,...

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Govind Pansare
Rationalist and activist Govind Pansare is reported critical, but stable, after being shot at yesterday. As the war on reason continues, let's revisit this incisive tribute to Narendra Dabholkar written by lok-shahir Sachin Mali, from his prison cell.  Trib...

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Opposable thumbs and opposable minds!
So today, being a "writing day"
break from the hectic production and post production schedules on the two
films, it will take great restraint not to disappear down the
160-character-wisdom rabbit hole. Social media debates are informed largely by
the same s...

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Total perspective vortex: A bibliography
The Total Perspective Vortex in Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a device capable of extrapolating a complete picture of the universe – every sun, every planet, their orbits, their composition and their economic and social history from...

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Megha's Puzzle
Since everybody loved the #sontag tweet so much I drew a literary puzzle out if it!! You like? — Megha Ramaswamy (@SuddenlySparrow) April 22, 2014
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