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random photos
#1 a kitten i found last week at my mom's that i wanted to keep so desperately i felt like i was on some soap opera, complete with pensive looks off into the distance, with head slightly tilted and eyes a little squinted. it didn't help a lick but it did ma...

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hey summer.

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  so i want to move away.  out to more of a wide open space. out to where i can wake up & smell fresher air  & have a barn free of animals. yes, you read that right. i would love a little barn.  but animals? no, i can't do that.  i am a country girl deep do...

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time flyin
it is so cliche to say "time flies" and then "gah! ... go catch it!" hardy har har. cough. "oh look, a bird!" but my baby boy is going to be 7 in 3 months. he is only 3 in the top pic. and that's aria in the blurry pic above, looking at me so sweetly. i swe...

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some photographs.
 looking at each other as sweet as can be on Valentine's Day!   art! lots & lots of messes but so much dang fun! one breastfeeding view . & i know, dirty dust boards. & she's getting weened next month, right before  she turns 2. my boobs are already celebra...

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you take what you get
so as usual, i have all these cute little photo ideas for me and my babies. but as usual, only a couple turn out. aria gets tired of photos pretty quick. at this age, luke was way easier. he'd let me take photos of him and with him till the cows came home, ...

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summer girl
i am a summer girl. so is aria. i know she is not yet 2 but i can tell. i am not the one who swoons over the up and coming sweater weather. or gets excited at the prospect of warm cocoa by the fire. pleh. that's right, i said pleh. sure, it's cute. but it i...

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drawing & oh you shoe
aria loves to lie on her belly and color. her little masterpieces all over the place. but when i try to put one up on the fridge she quickly waddles to it and says no while taking it down. i guess she's one of those more private artists. & that shoe. that l...

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18 months
aria was 18 months in november. i thought this up & decided to do it before i forgot. just love her little shoes! her favorite ones are the kitty ones from h&m. she will go in my closet (we share a closet) and get them out and try to get her chubby little f...

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what's up!
photo one. a date with my baby boy @ starbucks. such a fun time. he is so easy going and very funny. he loved that he gave himself a hot cocoa mustache so he kept drinking it in a manner to make it thicker. ha! photo two. aria on the phone with grandma. jus...
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