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Red Cat Motion is a team or Creative, Illustrators, Artists and Animation experts with a strong focus on Video Marketing. Client: Red Cat Motion Website: Brief: Create an identity and Brand communication materials. Young, energy and movement Deliverables: Logo, Basic Brand Guidelines

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Vietnamese young generation has usually had a hard time when asked by our foreign friends perplexing questions like: “What do Vietnam offer to interest us?” or “Show me something Vietnamese”. Well actually Vietnamese’s culture has many mind-blowing stuff, thank to our rich and well-built culture. But unfortunately, youngsters here are not very much inspired by boring History lectures in class, hence the our generation cannot fully understand the great values that our culture brings.
Bự founded Infinite Vietnam in order to brush the dust off to give everybody a closer look into Vietnam culture through the art of illustration and graphic design.
Infinite Vietnam is a non-profit organization aimed to become a highly creative playground in which we can treasure every single characteristic of the Vietnamese culture to introduce ourselves to the international art and design community.
Each Infinite Vietnam project will be 4-month separated to ensure the highest quality for each individual.
If you are an amazing individual who have interest in this project, please join us, the project is currently happening at

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Sleeping Owl T-shirt brand is reserved for the young, enthusiast fashion new t-shirts. Using the mascot is a Owl, symbol of intelligence, agility, creativity. 

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Typography Collection 2012

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Archers is a name of studio, focus to Music making, Event organization, Graphic design and Film making. The idea base on the source education of all member: from Architech University, Multimedia Colleges, and University of Arts. Used 3 mainstream colors are Black, White and Red. Luxury, strength and professional.

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This is my small illustration project on my 20th birthday. This is all things has changed in my life from i was a child to now. Hope you like it, have fun!
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