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Samantha Stein
An advocate for long term care awareness.
An advocate for long term care awareness.

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We are featuring blog posts that highlights the experiences of individuals and their families regarding #Dementia. Read our Weekly Digest in order to find out how one diagnosis can change multiple lives.

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Weekly Digest: The Many Facets of Senior Life
Because of the changing times, the senior
members of society are faced with a number of new issues and challenges. For
this week, we will be featuring the different facets that make life as a senior
challenging in today’s world. Seniors and technology in as...

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Weekly Digest: The Experiences and Struggles That Caregivers Face
Digest: The Experiences and Struggles That Caregivers Face This week, we will be highlighting the challenges that individuals
go through as they take on the role of caregiver. We will be sharing various
accounts from caregivers themselves and the top...

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Take note of these five warning signs of bad #nursinghomes  in order to give our loved ones high quality nursing home care.

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Father’s Day and LTC: Helping Dad Get More Time with the Family
A dance partner, a superhero, a confidant—Dad has
played important roles in our lives. From broken toys to broken hearts, our
fathers (and father figures) have always been our constant with his comforting
smile and steady guidance. However, the reality of l...

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Here are 3 simple tips that can help you attain a happy, comfortable and secured #retirement. #retirementplanning  

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Planning for Retirement? Start Now Before It’s Too Late!
Did you know that in the UK, the majority of the public do not have a solid retirement plan? According to a survey conducted by Franklin Templeton Investments , approximately 70% of savers in the UK do have an idea on how retirement should be, but haven’t f...

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Employee Wellness Month: Happy Employees Boost Productivity
Deadlines, client meetings, and new projects—when employees are
constantly juggling the stresses of today’s corporate world, it is often easy
to let their health slide to the backseat. However, when employees are
unhealthy and overworked, their productivity...
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