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Mentoring & Publishing for Independent Authors
Mentoring & Publishing for Independent Authors


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Have a wondrous birthday +David Amerland. May your new year be filled with friends and fresh ideas!

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Contest Guidelines

Get Fit, Inspire Others to Get Fit and Win $1000!

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Contestants will be chosen based on social media presence and potential to refer and will receive up to 10-weeks of Fit10N.

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After 10 weeks the winner is the one with the most 10-day trials referred.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a child without a family at Christmas? Casey’s Christmas is a classic story about the struggles of a young boy hoping to realize his biggest, seemingly impossible wish.

Realization Press is offering a limited time price on the book as a gift for you, your family and your friends at $.99
Begins TODAY through November 14 at the Kindle Store on Amazon. In addition, there is a free bonus link in the book.

Here is the link to the book:

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Realization Press is proud to announce its first publication, Casey’s Christmas, by W. R. Heustis on November 11, 2015. This is a tender Christmas story with spectacular illustrations. Heustis created the cover seen here as well as the images inside the book. The book, written for 8-12 year olds, is for children of all ages. This classic Christmas story is about the struggles of a young boy hoping to realize his biggest wish. If you would be so kind, please share this with your friends. Get ready to download this kindle book that is a gift for the whole family. Special pricing for early purchasers and friends of Realization Press at $.99 from Nov 11-14 at the Kindle Store on Amazon.

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I am so excited to return to Claudio Oswald Niedworok's radio show on WBOM, Claudio's SpeakEasy, at 10 AM tomorrow morning. Last time we touched the topic of e-publishing and since then I have had a #1 Best Seller on Kindle with my business book on Interviewing. Can't wait to talk with people about getting their books out of their heads and onto the web. Join us or if you can't I will send out a link to the interview later this week.

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Many thanks +Martin Brossman for the invite. I am currently on a Phillip K. Dick reading frenzy and have completed 8 books. I love drinking un-caffinated tea especially at The Wake Zone Expresso Common Grounds and at The Brew Coffee Bar.  I work to help independent authors write and publish their books. I love helping fellow writers and fellow small business folks to get published!

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With the arrival of e-Books, business owners are creating their own credibility by sharing valuable information they have assembled working in their own businesses. Smart business people know that learning from others mistakes and successes is a short-cut to faster and greater profitability.

I will be speaking at the Rock Harbor Grill tomorrow at 11:30 AM. This is on Salem St. in downtown Apex. Join us for a **FREE** seminar, Become an Author to Increase Your Business.  

You can learn about the benefits of e-publishing and how you can get started:

    Why e-Publishing is helping other business people
    A few steps to begin writing your book
    How to write your book without typing
    Steps to get your book ready for e-Publication
    Notes about publicizing your book.

 Let me show you how to get started and become an independent author.

Hello all,
Can anyone direct me to a site to find out what is happening in Raleigh/RTP area the weekend of June 12-14? I have family coming in and want to make a list of local events for them.  Thanks in advance
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