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Heidi Cullen - Climate Central
Joellen Russell - University of Arizona
Lynne Talley - Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Veronica Tamsitt - Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Greg Brusseau - University of Washington
Isabella Rosso - Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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Added photos to The Float Decoder: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Southern Ocean.

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Hear from leading Southern Ocean scientists as they discuss their experiences with an innovative new technology that’s making it possible to better understand how the vast, remote Southern Ocean is shaping the climate, and how global warming is affecting this critically important ocean.  

This is the latest in a series of Hangouts by the NSF-funded Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling (SOCCOM) project. The initiative focuses on unlocking the mysteries of the Southern Ocean and determining its influence on climate.

On the Hangout:
Hans Jannasch (Senior Research Specialist, MBARI)
Rick Rupan (Research Engineer, University of Washington)
Alison Gray (Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University)
Hannah Zanowski (Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University)
Heidi Cullen (Chief Scientist, Climate Central)

During the Hangout you may ask questions a couple of different ways. You may use the Twitter hashtag #SOCCOMHangout , or, if you're watching from a Google Plus account, the Q and A feature is also an option.

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Join a live discussion with the lead scientists and researchers behind the NSF-funded SOCCOM Southern Ocean research project. This webinar coincides with the launch this week of the Polarstern cruise that will deploy the first round of SOCCOM floats.

The webinar features SOCCOM leads:
-Dr. Jorge Sarmiento of Princeton University
-Dr. Lynne Talley of Scripps Institution of Oceanography
-Dr. Joellen Russell of the University of Arizona
-Dr. Ken Johnson of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
-Dr. Stephen Riser of the University of Washington
-Dr. Heidi Cullen of Climate Central

In addition to revealing details about SOCCOM, the scientists will discuss:
-The role of the Southern Ocean in the so-called global warming “hiatus”
-The effects of ocean acidification
-How the Southern Ocean plays into the global temperature records, and  what will likely be the hottest year on record globally this year.

Viewers may ask questions through the Q & A function within Google Hangouts, or through Twitter with #SOCCOMhangout .

The SOCCOM project is supported by NSF under the NSF Award PLR-1425989.

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