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Domestic Infidelity (July): Our client suspected that her husband of 15 years is using prostitutes both at their matrimonial home (when she is out of town) and at hotels. Our two-day surveillance caught him in the act of visiting one such prostitute at a local hotel. When he tried to deny that he even visited the hotel, a High-Definition video of him entering and leaving the room brought sudden shock and silence to our subject :)

Vehicle Sale Fraud (June): There are car dealers in the US that sell vehicles - usually high-end expensive ones - to unassuming Canadians over the Internet. They have legitimate-looking websites, sales staff and paperwork, but once payment has been made, no vehicle is ever delivered. Client calls asking about the purchased vehicles usually result in fabricated excuses about delays at border and customs and many others. A few months later, the website goes down, the phone get disconnected and the company disappears.
We were hired by a client of one of these dealers to track down the owners and attempt to recover the $60,000 USD he had wired to them. While the company that sold him the vehicle was no longer existent, we were able through very detailed research to discover the real owners/directors of this company and found several newly created companies (also selling vehicles over the Internet) located in several US states related to the same individuals and their extended families. The case file we created has been delivered to our client who will turn it over to the State Attorney Office in several of the involved states to hopefully bring charges against these fraudsters.

Domestic Infidelity (May): A wife suspects that her husband is cheating on her but cannot prove it. He is abusive, disrespectful and demeaning. We conducted surveillance on the husband and caught him picking a woman up from her residence, taking her out to a local casino drinking and playing Black Jack while showing intimacy signs and finally going to her residence at 1:30 am!
Two days later, he was served with divorce papers and removed from the matrimonial home due to aggressive behaviour.
Why do cheaters become so aggressive when they get caught?! :)

Domestic Infidelity (April): A client from northern AB suspected that her husband is having an affair. He had been guarding his cell phone, deleting all calls and messages and locking it so she no longer had access to it. She wanted us to first retrieve call logs and text messages from his cell phone, including the deleted ones, and second to conduct surveillance on her husband during a weekend trip she was taking with her girlfriends.
We were able to conduct mobile phone forensics and retrieve all pertinent evidence of an affair; well, we discovered that he was having affairs with 4 different women at the same time! After conducting some forensic work on their home computer, we also discovered that he was active on a website dedicated to helping married people find affairs. These discoveries resulted in a covert operation where one of our investigators played the role of a affair-seeking woman who finally met with the subject at a public place and collected a whole hour of amazing video/audio confessional evidence!
The detailed information we collected also allowed us to conduct surveillance and collect video evidence of the subject meeting with one of his 4 lovers in another town at her matrimonial home and his hotel! That day, the finale of the case was to fulfill the wife's request to walk over to her husband while eating lunch with his lover at a restaurant and inform him that he had been caught and that he was not to go home after he returns from his trip :-)

Person Locate (March): A client was looking for a family member lost for over 20 years. The only information provided was his first and last names (although misspelled). date of birth and last known city he lived in.
Upon hours of research, we discovered that the subject was not only lost, but was trying his best to stay that way. We were able to successfully find the individual and subsequently reunite him (with his permission of course) with his extended family.

Domestic Infidelity (February): Talk about a careful cheater! This cheater was having an affair with a coworker, going out to lunch with her, running at lunch time to have some intimate time, etc.. Paranoid to the max; he would walk with her to a restaurant backward, hide behind walls and run through buildings from one end to the other to evade capture! After careful and methodical planning and surveillance work, we were able to collect enough evidence to prove the affair with no chance of denial.

Undercover Operation (January): We were tasked with collecting evidence from a subject for legal use in court. We went undercover and were able to insert covert operatives into the life of the subject. The operation resulted in the collection of vital and damning evidence that was instrumental in bringing the case to resolution.

Skip Tracing case (December): tracked down a fraudster who had defrauded many victims of more than $500,000.00 in Motorhome timeshare scheme. The subject was in hiding and no one was able to track her down. After many hours of hard work, we tracked her down and was able to serve her with legal court documents that helped have her charged in court on over 60 charges of fraud and others.

Been a long time since we posted an update; swamped with a high case load. So the following posts are an attempt to catch up on the important/interesting cases we've been involved in; a highlight Domestic case from each month :)
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