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Scott Moran
Mountain biker. Entrepeneur. Father. Jerk. In descending order.
Mountain biker. Entrepeneur. Father. Jerk. In descending order.


Can anyone recommend a good podcast that's covering building/developing Niche sites specifically?

I know +Adam Roseland had the Niche Site U podcast running, but it's been dead air for almost 12 months.

Thanks for your help!

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Hey guys!

I haven't been active in the group for some time, been too busy with PBN Lab to actually work on my niche sites...

I know free stuff never goes unnoticed, and I'm giving away free expired domains each week - thought I'd share this here in case anyone was interested.

Here's the first domain: 

Please share if you can, and be sure to subscribe to my list if you want to see more (subscribe link is at the top of the page).


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Hi everyone.

Very excited to announce my new site and service, PBN Lab. It's still a work in progress as you'll see, but should be live by the end of next month.

Would love to get your thoughts on it.

If anyone is able to help me out as a beta tester, please sign up to the Pre-Launch Short List.


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Thanks +Matthew Hardinge for this photo from today's ride. Amazing weather and great riding. Awesome to get out there again!
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Winning at Father's Day with my 10th Anniversary #Mythbusters DVD Box Set.

Followed by amazing coffee and pancakes with banana, ice cream and maple syrup!

Hope all the other Fathers out there are as spoiled as me.
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Has anyone tried selling text links? Good or bad experience? Did you get paid and was it worth your time and effort?

Just a quick question for you all: Who's your favourite domain registrar?

I personally have been using GoDaddy for years. Is there anyone else I should be looking at?

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Excited to see my first niche site has just started to appear on Google, inside the top 100 for one 3-word phrase, after about 60 days of first being indexed. Same keyword is 6th on Bing, which has to be a good sign.

Yoast say don't bother about meta keywords, but the ONLY page ranking is also the only page I've put keywords in the keyword meta tag. I know Bing look at this tag, whereas Google do not. The interesting part is that it's also this page that is ranking in Google. Just a coincidence or do Google pay more attention go meta keywords than I've been led to believe? Maybe its my back linking that's been more effective or just easier keywords to rank for. Hmm.

Please raise your hand if you're interested in, or currently hunting down quality expired domains, for flipping or for creating a PBN with?  Or even just a new niche site?

If you are already doing this, how are you finding your domains?

I'm keen to give this a try but I don't enjoy trawling the hundreds of thousands of domains released each day by the likes of GoDaddy. I'd rather find my own, in the style of Hayden Miyamoto (+NoHatSEO).
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