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Nevzat Gunay
The lie is a cake best served moist
The lie is a cake best served moist
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A new game from Jane Jensen, coming out on April 15th. I'm sold on "true adventure mode" and "to fund a new Gabriel Knight game". I just hope the new #GabrielKnight game being an FMV would be in the cards.

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In my mind I'm confusing "I want you gone" song by GLaDOS as if the sunflowers were singing it for some reason :/

[Portal 2] Want You Gone - Fan Music Video

Got a new item, went for reforging to reach my hit cap, wondered why my overall stats dropped for half an hour, logged off, went to bed. Next morning realise: "Wrap of Unity" was still on me.

Imagine experiencing the in depth character building and bonding with your crew in 3D for Mass Effect 4. Would we actually have trouble getting out of the character when we turn off the console? Or would this be even a bigger psychological phenomenon for the future generations?

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Mass Effect 2 "Probing Uranus" Easter egg.

A great commander risks looking cheeky for the sake of resources... to save the galaxies... for all the living and the AI. ahem.
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