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nice hotel but there was a tailgate party In FRONT in the guest drop off load and unload load area. It started around 5 pm till one in the morning. We had the first floor and could not sleep. We asked the staff around 6 pm that it was a disturbance not only for the fact that they were sitting around in their foldable chairs drinking and food and tables but there were little kids running around. We pulled in to unload and there was a 3 year old walking around and sat behind my car!!! So dangerous. Kids running around the car and none of the adults cared. They were so buzzed to THINK. Not only that but the kids ran up and down the halls late. Staff didn't care nor did they do anything about it even if we brought it to them. We were not the only ones to complain and they still didn't do anything about it. I don't understand why the party didn't occur in a more convenient place in the hotel or why the hotel allowed it to be there. Not in a high traffic area. I am all about celebrating but not be stupid about it. Freaking staff that doesn't care makes the experience a negative one. It doesn't matter if hotel is nice or location is great... Staff and service ruins it all.
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Public - 2 months ago
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Crap. Just crap... I didn't even want to use the restroom it was so disgusting. Duct taped chairs, mosquito hawks flying around, server eating her meal and sucking her fingers in between tables, half broken lights. Tacos were ok but beans tasted like a week old with an after taste of soap. Water tasted like metal... The sad part is that I am from Guatemala, a Latin country and this place makes any Spanish food, culture and tradition a joke. Go to Somewhere else instead.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
These immature high schoolers don't understand the value of customer service. Don't they get that my monthly payment subscription in turn writes their checks??? Hello! No customers, no money... Which equals no freaking job. Obviously the owner is the one to blame since they are not training properly or could care less that their staff is to busy texting and being grumpy rather then answer questions properly. Which by the way little "ladies", if you can't make it or handle this minuscule job... Then you are going to struggle when you have to survive in the real world...
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Public - 8 months ago
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Eh... Pesos across the street is definitely better. Real food, not frozen mass production that chains are known for. Just moved to the area so figured I would try it but not coming back...
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