Selena turned to me as soon as they were gone. “Mr. Candle, we have to—”

“I know,” I said. “She wants out – that means a boat. There’s some docks near the hotel. That’s where she’s going.” I headed outside into the hall, pulling out both pistols. Selena stayed close to me. We made for the elevators. Taking the stairs down from the top floor would take too long, especially after Tanya had a head start.

I punched the key on the elevator. That’s when I saw it was already coming up, straight to the top floor. “Fancy Freddy’s boys,” I said. “That must be them.” I stepped back and leveled my pistols at the doors. Soon as they opened, I planned to give Fancy Freddy Flynn a welcoming he wouldn’t soon forget. Or at least, I was until Selena grabbed my hand.


Nothing can prepare you for the exciting conclusion of Tiki Terror, from the Vol. 2: Cold Wars anthology, by the king of "zombie noir", +Michael Panush!

PS: Vol. 1: American Nightmares is available on Amazon (, with seven #urbanfantasy tales to frighten, entertain, and captivate.
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