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Al Bawaba News is your gateway to Middle Eastern news from a global perspective.
Al Bawaba News is your gateway to Middle Eastern news from a global perspective.


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He said the army, anti-terrorism forces, federal police and the Shia Hashd al-Shaabi militia were taking part in the offensive.

A predominantly Turkmen city, Tal Afar was captured by Daesh in mid-2014 along with vast swathes of territory in northern and western Iraq.

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"The authorities at the time dealt with the matter, and the Sharia Court handed him a sentence of one year and seven months and to be flogged," she told Okaz.

"I don't know why he was given a mitigated sentence, why I was given no damages despite forensic reports establishing I sustained significant burns and why his friend was not prosecuted," she added. "Who will bear the costs of my treatment now, which may go on for years?"

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On August 9, Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV released the short clip explaining that "international law allows states to shoot down any flight that violates a state's airspace, which is classified as a legitimate target, especially over military areas."

The graphic shows a missile being fired towards an unmarked plane.

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"The Italian government remains committed to shedding full light on the tragic disappearance of Giulio, by sending to Cairo an authoritative figure tasked with helping in seeking the truth," he said.

Italy has rejected multiple theories suggested by Egyptian investigators, including a road accident, a botched crime or a personal vendetta.

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While the media on both sides went crazy for the story, throwing blame about and peddling conspiracy theories, another piece of information about the attacker emerged: he was, like many on the far-right, a fan of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Liberals on Twitter, especially those within the Middle East who oppose Assad, clung to this piece of information, offering it as proof that the far-right and evil tyrants form some sort of global conspiracy of hate and oppression.

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One of these is Sultan bin Turki bin Abdulaziz, who was in Geneva when a family member invited him for tea at his palace. His uncle, King Fahd tells him that he should return to Saudi Arabia where he will have to answer for a number of criticisms he has made of the Saudi leadership. When he refused, Sultan was beaten, handcuffed and spiked with a needle which rendered him unconscious. He was then rushed to the airport and transported back to Saudi via an air ambulance.

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Hla Kyaw, chairman of the European Rohingya Council, said the troops were from the 33rd Light Infantry Division, which he described as “the most notorious military unit when it comes to the serious violation of human rights against ethnic communities”.

He said the deployment was designed to establish a permanent military presence in Rakhine as well as “the advancement of Rohingya genocide.”

In emailed comments to Anadolu Agency, he added: “The advancement of Rohingya genocide is the primary goal of the army. The instability in Rakhine state is used as an excuse for the heavy and permanent presence of the army in Rakhine state.”

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At the Sovereign's Parade where the Crown Prince was graduating last Friday, His Majesty gave a relatively short speech, but it was vintage King Abdullah.

The speech was peppered with funny remarks, indicating the deep sense of peership he feels towards the cadets.

That peership transformed itself into a vertical patriarchal relationship when he began to summarise the lessons he derived from his experience at Sandhurst 36 years ago.

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This move is the latest indication of developing alliances between the gulf and Iraq, and follows the decision on Monday by the Saudi government to establish a joint trade deal with Iraq.

Influential Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr also made a tour of Saudi Arabia and the UAE earlier this month, resulting in a $10 million deal with Sadr to open a consulate in Najaf and support investments in Shia areas of southern Iraq.

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The clash had been looming since the Arab Spring and the polarised stances taken by Qatar on one side, and Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the other. Saudi Arabia and the UAE stood for the antithesis of populist, bottom-up rule in the region and, after absorbing the initial shocks in 2011 and 2012, bankrolled the counter-revolutionary movements. Qatar and, notably, Al Jazeera, became some of the last remaining symbols of the Arab Spring.
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