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Google's Upcoming Mobile-Friendly
Google's Blog announced a new update to
its search algorithm. According to some leading experts on the subject, this
will bring an even greater impact than 'Panda' and the 'Penguin' combined. The
earlier updates interfered abruptly at the search engine's ra...
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How to Use Lightweight WordPress Themes to Increase Speed
Over the years, WordPress has proven itself to be quite popular as
a CMS platform. WordPress themes, built specifically for this platform, became
noteworthy simply because of their elegant style and coding. This elegance has
become more of a lost art these ...
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Optimize Your Website Speed and Conversion Rate
Within today’s ever-growing and developing digital age, it is not
surprising to find a website for almost every consumer need. Whether you're
providing a service or selling a product, having a website to reach your
consumer base is vital. And when an indivi...
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10 Tips for a Sticky Website
What an amazing feeling is to land on a
stellar website that is rich with content that literally jumps out at you.
Having a sticky website is definitely any webmaster’s dream, because it means
the website is more attractive and more appealing to the user. S...
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Domain Name, SEO, and Social Media
As you plan for a website, it is important to realize just
how important the domain name is. In addition to content quality, user
friendliness and website
speed optimization , the domain name greatly determines the success of your
website. Not only does it ...
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Boost SEO: How To Use Categories And Tags In Your Blog
Creating and maintaining a well thought out category and
tagging system when blogging offers many opportunities for increased user
engagement and traffic generation. Such a system becomes the skeleton of your
blog, clueing in both readers and search engines...
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Redesign Your Site without Losing SEO Cache
Thanks to Google updates, redesigning
your website sometimes becomes a necessity to keep up with all of the latest changes
in the industry. If it has good search engine rankings and enjoys tons of
traffic, it is critical to discover how to redesign
your web...
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The Importance of Data Encryption and Cybersecurity
Data is a precious commodity. Because
of its value, there are always going to be unauthorized people who are going to
try to get their hands on this data for their own profit. Cybersecurity and
data encryption are two best used for data protection and websi...
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More Isn't Always Better: Business and Social Media
Whether you're a company or a consumer, it's hard to ignore
the trend of businesses' whole-heartedly embracing the emergence and presence
of social media. Commercials aired on television by businesses encourage
customers to "Like" and follow them on Faceboo...
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Why Web Presence on Social Media Channels is Important
Social media networks are more than just a fad—they are here
to stay. Facebook has already been around for a decade, and other social
networking channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and the hipsterific Instagram
are still going strong. Social media proves th...
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