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We find the best local adventure travel experts in the destinations you want to go to. Secure custom trips that fit your budget.
We find the best local adventure travel experts in the destinations you want to go to. Secure custom trips that fit your budget.

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What about a trip to beautiful Rome? 
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Let's introduce our new destination expert in Brasil: Marcela!
Marcela really loves her country and to show people people arround:
" I've lived in Rio de Janeiro for a while and there I figured out that it's not only beaches that make the city, but the high energy of the locals and the big culture demand can transform a simple trip in a highly interesting experience for those who are openminded to understand that! That's how Brazil is. Full of surprises and experiences which everyone in the world must enjoy at least once."
Come in contact with Marcela and her advice you about the most beautiful places of Brasil:

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What are your travel plans for 2016? 

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Last Monday "Dia de Los Muertos" was celebrated in Latin-America. Dia de los Muertos celebrates the lives of the dead with foods, drinks and activities they used to enjoy in life. Everywhere you go, you see calaveras (skulls): in sweets, in parade masks and even in dolls. Meike, our destination expert from Mexico, sent us some nice pictures.
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Yemen boasts a unique fusion from Asia and Africa and its beguiling history and fascinating culture is so enriching for the travel enthusiast.

To see the romance of the oldest city in the world, along with some of the finest, untouched beaches, Yemen tours offer a whole variation of things to do and sites to visit. Find out more, here:

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Planning to #travel  to #nepal ?

See our Top 10 things to do in this amazing country!

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#bhutan  has endless beauty and is still relatively untouched.

Considering a 'backpacker' is required to pay $250 per day to travel Bhutan, are there to help you avoid that by teaming up with local travel agencies to give you private tours at very good prices, avoiding the backpacker payment and giving you a great opportunity to see Bhutan.

Check out our wonderful Bhutan tours here:   #travel  

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We are featured in this article about "10 Essential Places to Travel in Your 50s (& Advice From Baby-Boomer Travel Experts)" from, Click here to see it: #travel

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One of the most chilled out lions I've ever seen.

How many of these #animals  have you seen out in the wild?
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