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Discover New Friends With +Circle Me Up !!!
This is a public circle of friends that would like to be circulated in order to discover new friends to gain more followers. If you would like to be included in the Tomorrow's Discovery Circle then apply below two steps.
1. Add our page in your circles 2. Share this post circle publicly.
Note: Those who received the notification are included in this circle
If you see the shares crossed more than 100 then you also have to comment Add Me....
Spam & Inappropriate Content Profiles/Pages Are Not Allowed...
Add The Circle !!! Share The Love... thanks.
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Kinda early with this one weren't ya, +Circle Me Up !!!?  Lol, I shared, now put me back where I belong, please (✿◠‿◠)
Dang +LAURIE WADE you got booted too? Guess it happens to all of us; even if we're real sharers. Still can't get back in consistently with +Circles. What gives?
Well, I think I know what happened here, +Kurt Smith.  I shared the circle, but I shared it at 3am. +Circle Me Up !!! had apparently already posted the new circle at around 1:30am {my time} and I wasn't aware.

And what seems to be going on now is that the circles expect ppl to share the circles every day in order to make it into the next days circle.  Which I find a bit much, but no one is saying we have to do it, but at the same time, I agree, one would think frequent sharers would be given a few "freebies".  But, apparently not.

And, yeah, I wish I knew what to tell you about you and +Circles.  Did you tick someone off? Ask +Dirk Talamasca for help with them.  He seems to have everyone's ear when it comes to the upkeep of their circles, lol!
Sharing a Circle takes about my one hour daily. First i check and add users who publicly share the post. Then i prepare the post for share. After that i make effort to carry the post to the What's Hot stream to gain maximum Circle Adds... So tell me how much time you spend by simply sharing the post ?
I shared this post. It's on my page now. I was simply explaining to +Kurt Smith why I was "booted too". I never said the work you but into these circles wasn't time consuming, +Circle Me Up !!!. I'm sure it is.  And it's appreciated.
+Circle Me Up !!! and +LAURIE WADE I didn't mean to get anything started. As already stated my comment was out of context and on the wrong post. +Circle Me Up !!! curating a few circles myself I know, appreciate and am very grateful for the work you do to keep this going. I think many plussers have no idea.

On this week of Thanksgiving, let's not fight, but be thankful. Thank you again.
Thanks +Circle Me Up !!! . I + and shared this post and I am looking forward to new connections. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate tomorrow :)
Every country in this world should any alternative mathods to slove this type of problem
Hi there, I would really like to be part of this circle ;) Can you add me please? (plussed and shared)
Great circle, have shared it. Please add to next circle.