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Ghost stories by Andrea Allison
Ghost stories by Andrea Allison was one of the first blogs I stumbled upon, after finding this blog I only went to others because it was required for my grade. What drew me in was the fact that her background had pictures of the old fashioned things you'd e...

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He appeared in your sleep
My husband and I lay sleeping, its only been an hour and were exhausted we have worked all day and were dead asleep. My house is over a hundred years old and the last owner died in my living room. We have only been here for a month and nothing seemed out of...

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How to expel ghosts from you'r home
One of the first and most easiest ways to expel a ghost from your home is with sage. Sage is simple to use, all you must do is take sage, light it on fire enough for it to start smoking. Once this is done you must walk through the entire area like a house o...

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Book Review: Fact or Fiction
Anne Canadeo  The book Fact Or Fiction by Anne Canadeo was thrilling! Had I had this book at the beginning of making my blog, I would have no questions. The book is double-sided in that one side starts with facts, and then you flip it over and turn it arou...

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My fake Story
I wrote  this so that you can see how easy it is to make up stories of the paranormal. I have seen them all my life, and now they'll never go away.The first time I saw them was when I was eight and it was in the middle of the night.I had been asleep  for ab...

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Sleep paralysis can make you see ghosts ?
Discovery news claims that sleep paralysis can lead you to see things like ghosts. The article claims that a 20 year old Salma had awoken from her sleep and was unable to move, she calmed to have had a fanged bloody creature next to her. Researchers who loo...

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My Passionate opinion
The thing I am passionate about with my subject of ghosts is the way some shows or movies make them look. I absolutely hate how many shows only show horrible gut wrenching things generated from computers. Movies like the famous Paranormal Activity 1,2,3,4,5...

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Using hard advance
The first sighting is supposed to have come from a Greek writer in Athens, his name was Tacitus and he wrote " a man plagued by the spirit of a deceased man. The house was uninhabitable for many years because locals knew of the house being haunted by sounds...

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Three sites with stories from long ago
 Straight from the bible The website was created buy the American bible society to inform readers of the story of the which of Endor. The site is set up to be designed the same way as ...
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