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I enjoy the fact that there are so many Linux desktop environments out there and I don't have to stay with one that just annoys me. Back to Cinnamon, but I can just stay on Fedora (which has almost turned into a rolling release with its new stable update system).

Installing Fedora for the first time since it was Fedora Core... we shall see what happens!

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I'm getting a detailed error in connecting to the Google talk plugin in Hangouts on Debian Linux. The full error from the terminal follows in the link, but the main part seems to be this:

[019:349] Warning( Failed to get GoogleTalkPlugin path. Trying default.
[019:352] Started GoogleTalkPlugin, path=/opt/google/talkplugin/GoogleTalkPlugin

Hi all,

I just hosted two hangouts on air. I can find both of the videos on YouTube, but neither of them appear in the video manager yet. One still says that the Hangout is live, even though I ended it by clicking the hangup button. Any ideas as to what I can do?

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Finally have ice cream sandwich; im living in the future!

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Just saw a green snake!

Just got my new +System76 laptop! And while Ubuntu is nice, I'm going back to +Debian Sid!

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What are everyones favorite news websites? I usually use npr, bbc news, and the guardian right now.
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