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Jennifer Shelby
I'm a creative, often silly, nature loving, mummy to my little ferocious forest gerbil
I'm a creative, often silly, nature loving, mummy to my little ferocious forest gerbil

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"She is not the princess advocating a lifetime of vanity, nor is she the dark warrior of closeted self-harm; rather, she is the elegant queen striding confidently into a destiny that she both chooses and creates for herself."  Get to know North America's first female sea captain, Molly Kool! 

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the olde soap box

My handmade soaps were recently requested by a local shop, so I suddenly found myself in need of a display that might catch an eye or two.  Some reclaimed wood and odd pieces of twice-loved denim conspired together to come up with something reminiscent of…

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fairy tale whispers

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laugh lines
  When I was a little
girl, I was always attracted to older people with laugh lines.   Those were the strangers that would smile at
you, those were the people who would know how to cheer you up, those were the
people quick to laugh and hug, and those were t...

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DIY wood stain (that you can use indoors!)
  I have been working on a project that just
didn’t seem complete without a wood stain.   Unfortunately, it’s far too cold outside for that, and using a
traditional wood stain inside would definitely make me sick.      So I started searching google and pint...

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simple DIY play broom
   Evening loves playing with my broom.  She pretends to
sweep, she walks around with it, she talks to it, and lately she's been wanting
to play outside with it.  The problem with that is how much she wants to
sweep things like mud puddles.   In an effort t...

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the day I dyed her blue
always on the lookout for new activities that Evening can try.   Lately it seems like I’ve been seeing a lot
about water play.   It looks like messy,
delightful fun, so I’ve been collecting the ideas for outdoor summer play.      Then I
came across an...
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