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Les Disques de l'Accalmie

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Dedicated to the "Modern Classical", Les Disques de l'Accalmie were created to promote musicians about whom, we love the work and we think they should deserve to have a better public recognition that goes well beyond this musical field.

Our humble aim is simply then to reveal these contemporary artists through the production of colored vinyls in limited and numbered editions.
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- Pressed through a lacquer process from a vinyl master
- Red translucent colour
- Thick matte cover
- Strickly limited to 200 pieces and numbered
- Exclusive bonus track unavailable on the original digital edition

01 - Falling
02 - Wolves
03 - Volta
04 - Awake
05 - Road (Bonus track)
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Angus MacRae is a London based composer and musician. he has collaborated with a diverse range of filmakers, choreographers, theatre directors, animators and photographers from across Europe and beyond.

Angus's music has also been heard on commercials for brands including Sony, Toyota and Homebase, which have aired in the UK and internationally.

As an accomplished pianist and performer, the Angus's solo releases include "Awake" & "Tides" (2015), both intimate works for the piano, which blend melancholic melodies with minimalist structures and rich, atmospheric electronics.
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