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In most cases you can publish your submitted version, and in some cases your post-print (after peer-review & before type setting) copies of your article on your webpage and other digital profiles. However, always make sure that you check your publisher's agreement first.

Congratulations to the following doctoral students on their recently accepted articles for the upcoming special issue on Leadership Development in Performance Improvement Journal, due to be out this October with special editor John R. Turner, Ph.D. These articles are the final class project for each student from our Leadership Development class.

Alaina Doyle:
Adaptive Challenges Require Adaptive Leaders

Jae Schroeder:
Leadership Development Spectrum Tool: Applications for Designing Non-Linear Adaptive Leadership Training at a NYSE Financial Services Firm

Erik Wright:
Dialogic Development in the Situational Leadership Style

Jason Bickle:
Developing Remote Training Consultants as Leaders: Dialogic/Network Application of Path-Goal Leadership Theory in Leadership Development

Edward Secka:
The Ultimate Key for the Success of Political Alliances and Leadership

Shanae Jefferies:
Adaptive Leadership in a Socially Revolving World: A Symbolic Interactionist Lens of Adaptive Leadership Theory

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Check out the Researcher's Toolbox from Nader Ale Ebrahim, Ph.D.
Great resources are available here relating to research and tools for researchers.

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New article now available:
Turner, J. R., & Baker, R. (2017). Team emergence leadership development and evaluation: A theoretical model using complexity theory. Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 16(2), 17 pages. doi:10.1142/S0219649217500125

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We have just added a new concentration to our Master's degree program in Team Science. This accelerated online master's program provides an MS in Learning Technologies from the College of Information at the University of North Texas. The courses that make up the concentration are Team Dynamics, Team Cognition, Evaluation, and Leadership Development. The goal is to support those in the workplace on how to organize, function in, and manage highly successful teams.

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Preprint (submitting original draft to preprint severs) is slowly becoming the new standard. This process calls for submission to a preprint server at the same time the original is submitted to a peer-reviewed journal for publication, allowing more research to be viewed in a more timely manner.

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Dr. Allen taking a picture with the three of us after the graduation ceremony. Thanks for all the support from my major professor, Dr. Allen, and thanks for my wife's encouragement and for the sacrifices she has made over the past few years.

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Leadership Theories Survey
Within the leadership paradigm there are a number of different leadership theories identified. There are leadership theories based on the leader’s personality (trait theory) and specific style (style theory). Others identify leadership as the interchanges b...

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Here is a great visual of what plagiarism entails. Everyone should utilize  this flowchart before submitting any work, formal or informal. Thanks to Nader Ale Ebrahim for posting this through scoop-it. 
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