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Youth In Action
Youth in Action came to our class the other day and it was an interesting and confusing experience.  Mainly because I had to blow up a condom like a balloon, but that's besides the point.  I was confused because I didn't understand the point Youth in Action...

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Special Event
I was able to go back home to watch my High School Musical this year.  The musical this year was Shrek.  It's a great show and the students did a great job performing the show.  Their was one thing I couldn't get off my mind throughout the show though.  All...

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Schooling Children With Down Syndrome- Extended Comment
So this week I read the article Citizenship In School: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome and appreciated the topic discussed in this article.  I personally believe that the argument is one that needs to change and is one I can personally agree with.  After re...

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Literacy with an Attitude- Reflection
This was a really  long article to read.  After reading this article, I like my other peers read some other posts from our classmates.  I believe that everyone can make the connection between Finn and Delpit.  The rules and codes of power affect every schoo...

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In the Service of What?- Extended Comment
Service learning is one of the best experiences I've had.  Being able to serve in a public school in providence is simply life changing.  I have the opportunity to start teaching young students music and make a difference.  I don't consider service learning...

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Unlearning The Myths- Hyperlinks
This read is quite intriguing.  Considering the fact that it incorporated a lot of historical truth.  I know for a fact that since I was little I always watched cartoons.  To be honest, I watch some cartoons still to this day.  I know that I am not the only...

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Safe Spaces- Argument
“Safe Spaces” makes a ton of arguments for LGBT in
our societies school system.  The stories told in this article about the
troubles LGBT students go through are a tragedy.  I personally would've
never thought our countries education system would let this h...

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Aria by. Richard Rodriguez
Quotes- "Without question, it   would have pleased me to hear my teachers
address me in Spanish when I entered the classroom. I would have felt   much
less afraid. I would have trusted them and responded with ease." School is suppose to be a place of accept...

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Dantes stuff haha

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Other People's Children: The Silenced Dialogues
I thought Other's People Children by Lisa Delpit is
an extraordinary read and I would highly recommend people would read it.
 Lisa Delpit writes about an issue that affects both race and social class
and how the communication boundaries conflict.  Lisa uses...
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