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I just silenced my cell phone and closed out of my browser's tabs.  I'm trying to concentrate all my focus on writing this sentence that you are reading.  And this one.  As I do so, I realize that my brain is not used to doing this. Is this just part of gro...

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Scarborough Fair
R emember me to one who lives there.  The line from Scarborough Fair spins in my head these days, as I practice an arrangement of it in preparation for an upcoming concert. Things have changed, haven't they?  "Say hello to so-and-so" is more of a formality ...

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Crock Pot Improvisations No. 1
I've taken to using my crock pot quite a bit lately, with happy results.  Today's experiment was so good that I thought I should write it down before I forget, and that I might as well share it while I'm at it!  Tender chicken, sweet prunes, and salty olive...

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DIY granola recipe

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upward and downward glory; a lenten prayer
Lent this year has once again been enriched by reading Henri Nouwen's writings.  Here is an excerpt from the compilation Show me the Way .  It dovetails nicely with a study I have been doing with others on John's Gospel, and thus was particularly meaningful...

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2013 in Books
Happy New Year! It's time for my annual post on books I read this past year. Thoughts, recommendations, cups of tea, etc welcome! this is what moving looked like this summer Abide in Christ , by Andrew Murray.  This book was a close companion and teacher f...

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advent reflection 2013.1 Wait for it...
I'm terrible at waiting.  Waiting for a late bus, waiting in line anywhere, sometimes even waiting to fall asleep - these are not the parts of my day that I enjoy.  Yet whether I like it or not, there is a lot of waiting to be done in life.  Daily I must wa...

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advent reflection 2013.1
While driving this week to visit my family for Thanksgiving, I listened to a sermon from Church of the Resurrection in DC.   Preaching on Mark 1, Matthew Mason spoke of repentance as a turning in allegiance to Christ the King.  For me it was a fitting begin...

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theology of reading
Why do you read?  How do you read? I listened to a brief talk by Tony Reinke who called reading "a difficult pleasure."  He also wrote a book called Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books . I think difficult pleasure is a good way to describe it.  For me ...

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"community" vs "individual salvation"?
We in the church are fond of talking about "community".   (My undergraduate years at Houghton certainly taught me this: if there was one common theme to our discussions and chapel talks, this was it. ) Clearly Christian community is important.  Yet when we ...
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