All Athena Mesh bodies have been banned in DigiWorldz.
A notice has been sent out as a followup to my internal grid notice I sent earlier.

Any grid owner who wants a copy of the conversation with the SL creator please contact me and I will forward it on to you.

If anyone has proof the Athena Bodies are not copybotted from SL, please provide that proof and I'll unban them.

Hello All,

I want to clarify a few things concerning the banning of the Athena Mesh bodies.

Some users are upset about our decision and understandably so. After you spend time setting something up, it tends to be a pain to have to change and start all over.. I get that.
Please understand, this isn't being done based on "Rumors". Granted, it started out with "Rumors" from users telling me the bodies were copybotted and are not legal. These rumors continued and finally I started telling people to please contact the creator and have them send me a DMCA claim and I'll be happy to remove them. The DMCA never came. Meanwhile, other rumors started being spread about DigiWorldz allowing copybotted items and that we condone the use of illegal content, which is very far from the truth.
Since our inception that has been a basic core belief of mine.. to protect "All" creator's content, no matter which grid they live on.

Some may not know this, but back in 2008, OpenSim had no permissions system. A user could login to an OpenSim grid and they could take a copy of anything in a grid, owned by anyone. They could also edit it, delete it, move it, etc.
Back then I created/owned another grid you may have heard of, 3rd Rock Grid. I created the very first "basic" permission system on an OpenSim grid and installed it on 3rd Rock Grid, thus making it the very first grid with a working permissions system. It had a few bugs, but overall, it worked well. I then shared this "Fix" to any grid interested for free so that they too could start protecting creator's content.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want to prove my point that I have always been interested in doing the right thing by protecting the rights of the creators in OpenSim.

I don't care if the creator is on SL, OSGrid, Metro, InWorldz, or any other grid.. I will always stand by them and do my part to help protect their content.

The facts are that this issue with the mesh bodies has been reported multiple times. We have been waiting for a DMCA claim from the creator of the "Lara" body in SL to come forward and put in this claim so that we could take action. This claim never came. Meanwhile our name was being dragged thru the mud as a haven for copybot content which simply is not true.

Today, we contacted the creator of the Lara body in SL and asked them specifically if the Athena mesh bodies found in OpenSim grids was a direct copy of the lara body. The answer was yes. We asked if she had given permission for these bodies to be in OpenSim, the answer was no.

Based on that exchange, it makes these bodies in OpenSim illegal.

Now, I don't just remove something from the grid when I get a report from someone. I have to have substantial proof of the claim before I will act on it, otherwise, anyone could cause trouble for someone by claiming illegal content.

We now have legitimate proof these bodies are in OpenSim illegally based on direct communication with he creator in SL.

Unless someone can prove the creator of the Lara body in SL is wrong, these items will stay banned.

I understand it's a pain, I understand most, if not all of our users who have these bodies obtained them innocently thinking they were legal.
Just as in the real world, if you wind up receiving stolen property and the authorities find out, you don't get to keep it, no matter how much you like it.
Instead of being upset about losing these items, you should be thankful we have taken it upon ourselves to protect the creator, as we would do the same for each any every one of you if the opportunity presented itself.

Thank you for your time,
Butch Arnold
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