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To all my loyal readers, everyone that pops in on occasion, and those of you here for the first time... I have been without internet for months and it is proving much harder to keep up with everything when I have to find time to travel to the library.  I, f...

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Pumpkin Puree
The second, and long awaited, installment of my Pumpkins Aplenty series... One of the easiest things to do with a Sugar Pumpkin (The little ones used for pies) is to puree.  A fresh, whole pumpkin will last for about 6 months in a cool dry place.  But if yo...

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Holidays without Hubby
Or wifey…or whichever loved one happens to be out of town at
the holidays. Being part of a military family means that, inevitably, your
soldier/sailor/marine/airman will miss holidays and you may not be able to
spend them with the people you traditionally g...

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Pumpkins Aplenty
I just finished my series on Apples and various recipes
using them.   Now I will start on a short
Pumpkin series.   Many people forget about
pumpkins outside of carving fun faces into them for display on the front
porch.   Even those large pumpkins used

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Apple Butter
In this final (for now) installment of my Apples Everywhere
series, I will be sharing my Apple Butter recipe.  It took me a while to finaly get this one
cooking since I have been busy nursing my Quarter Horse back to health after
she scratched herself in th...

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Spiced Apple Rings
If you have been following my blog recently you will know
that I am in the midst of an Apples Everywhere collection of recipes.  In this third installment I will be sharing
with you Spiced Apple Rings.  Spiced Apple Rings are a bit more complicated than the...

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Apple Pie Filling
This is the second installment of my Apple’s Everywhere
collection.  Last time I shared an easy
recipe for Apple Sauce and some great alt...

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Apples Everywhere
It’s that time of year folks!!  The official start of Autumn is upon us and here in the north east the leaves are already starting to

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Technical Difficulties
Howdy Y'all.  It seems that the internet at my house no longer wishes to cooperate with me.  Because of this, I am unable to post from th...

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Home Made Wheat Bread
Recently I decided to venture into home made bread.  My husband gave me the final push I needed while he was home recently.  I searched...
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