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Is someone teaching a Google + class yet? If people add me to a circle and I don't add them, they see this if it's 'public', but I don't see their stream? Is it like a follow on Twitter, or a friendship on FB? And what's an 'extended circle'? Guess I could Google.... Where are the gurus when I need them?
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oh boy....good link. Will require me to do the thing I dread: Read the Directions. But looks like some good explanation. :)
I heard a lot of what Chris shared, though shall be reading directions, a la, Linsey for weeks! Thanks for sharing the links. :)
Yep... I say we leave it to Linsey to figure this out for us. :)
Oh boy...don't hold your breath waiting for me. ;)
Hey! Check out Josh Galvan...he's done a few + webinar's and always posts great information in his to move FB files over to +, how to move your FB friends list over so you can see who's on Chrome, how to use, for a few examples.
Hahaha! I'm a little late to the party I guess. Still trying to figure this all out myself! LOL!
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