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Jaiku's goal is to bring people closer together by enabling them to have conversations
Jaiku's goal is to bring people closer together by enabling them to have conversations

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At the time Qaiku launched I was quite upset (it felt like they'd made a closed-source version of Jaiku and split the community) but this is a really good review of their mistakes and the lessons they learned. People involved in the #indieweb  and FSW communities will spot a lot of familiar ideas/misconceptions.

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+Blaine Cook, formerly of Twitter (and a former colleague) says Twitter experimented with a federated model. I wonder where things would have ended up ...

@daltonc to @haxor's point, we federated Twitter and Jaiku on the back end. It never shipped, but it worked and is a viable option. :-)

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It seems that there are people out there who don't know/remember how Jaiku's channels worked.

+Jaiku channels:
You write a post. If it begins with a hashtag then the post only goes to the channel with the name of that hashtag. Now you aren't spamming your friends with posts from that cool conference and your family aren't forced to see all your javascript posts. No cross-posting was allowed.
Corrections welcomed.

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When the +Jaiku service is shutdown, would be at all possible to leave the OAuth process running, with the user credentials (and perhaps contacts) for a while longer? I just had an idea that it would be nice to set up somewhere for people to validate their Jaiku account, and then set up a contact page or a forwarding URL.

A bit like the #Goodbye tag on but more structured and manageable after the shutdown.

It would only need one-time verification of the Jaiku account through OAuth, then they could set up a login for the site itself. I'm annoyed at myself for only thinking of it now.

+Ade Oshineye

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Just finished my Jaiku backup script hack (I think). Now to sleep then to see how it runs in the morning.

It's basically a scraper, but couldn't yhinj of a nicer way to do it.

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I just got a surprise , noticing that I was user 347 on Jaiku. The lowest numbered 'common user' I've found so far :o)

You can find out by looking at the URL of your user's avatar. If you see a number there it looks like it could be your account number, but if it's a hash then you got in a bit later when they started numbering the avatars differently.

+Mika Raento is 4, +Jyri Engeström is 6... any ideas who the 1-3 and 5 spots might be? The 'Jaiku' user is 15.

Is this really the account number?

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