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Howdy Ho! We're back again with few more goodies for you guys. (* Mic Testing ) We're giving away 3 beautiful Substratum themes ! YES THREE [ which were supposed to be given away way earlier but exams :c didn't allow me to make this post. Sorry everyone 🙏 ]

So today we present GRVY ,Fantasy and Flux. But wait , there will be a very special plot twist in this giveaway which is explained as below.

The Twist :
This time we will make the giveaway a bit more special by having a small contest where people can sumbit their artwork ( Wallpapers/Bootanimations etc) to us over here on the theme of Cardinal-AOSP and Citrus-CAF​. The Top 10 Designers will get to chose a theme of their choice and also their work will be presented on our ROM in near future.Apart from this you can participate in the giveaway as usual [ which is if you aren't presenting any artwork ]

Rules For Participating :
🔹+1 the ORIGINAL post
🔹Follow Dev's accounts:
🔸 (Flux Dev)
🔸 (Fantasy Dev)
🔸 (GRVY Dev)
🔹Reshare this post to your public profile or any public community which allows it.
🔹Comment on the original post mentioning theme that you would like to win.

Rules For Designers Participating in the Contest :
🔹Post Original Work [ Only for those who sumbit any artwork ]
🔹Post your art on our Wallpapers/Art Section so people can upvote. Also tag me on your post. You can use Imgur or any hosting site as well.

Duration :
This will be open until Monday,May 24th, 11:59pm IST. Winners will be announced sometime on Tuesday/Wednesday and codes will be handed out via Hangouts or Telegram.

Play Store Links for the Themes :

🔹 GRVY by +Jacek Malinowski​​
🔹 Fantasy by+DeadMan xXD​​
🔹 Flux by +John Xionidis​​​

Our Telegram Group Chat Links
🔹 Citrus-CAF :
🔹 Cardinal-AOSP :

Good Luck & Keep Re-sharing
* Drops The Mic *
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Any alternative sticky element on scroll plugin like bootstrap affix? Problem with bootstrap affix it does not support on window resize when have dynamic top height.

I am looking for a sticky plugin that include solving window resize issue.


I am on Pure Nexus 7.0 Nov, 18 build (OnePlus One), is there any Audio effects/FX mod can install?

Possible to have PIE option enable on all 3 locations?

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Unique Controls - Xposed module that bring Paranoid Android features to your device.

Hi, is there any mod that can use the fingerprint sensor as a camera shutter button to capture photos and videos?

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Hi, how to customise this area?
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Can have a feature on screen "unlock" (after touch swipe) trigger tasker task?

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