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The weather was out this morning making a nice misty fog. Took this with my iPhone and edited in the phone. 

If you like technology the cool factor of this is up there for sure. Here comes skynet.

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So I make it a point when I find a great photography podcast to let people know about it. I also like to go back in time and listen to all the episodes before I found them. A while back someone told me about +Tips from the Top Floor and I was instantly hooked. I have been listening for about a year now and I have only now caught up with all the back episodes. That just goes to show you how long +Chris Marquardt has been dishing out great content. I would be amazed if you have not heard of Tips from the Top Floor but if you haven't its well worth a listen. The companion website is can be found at the link below.

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Really, again? Didn't this guy learn or listen the first time with SOPA and PIPA?
How to get SOPA passed after all? Rename it the "Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers" Bill instead, so that everyone will be to embarrassed to speak out against it.

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If you enjoy photography this is a podcast that has gear related news as well as interviews from several working professionals. The show is hosted by +Frederick Van Johnson and he does a good job keeping the mood light and the content relavent.

You know what I like about Google+, you do not have to comment you can give a high five, knuckle bump or nod to someone by simply hitting the +1

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Nice! Kelby Training has a deal going on right now: Get $10 Off an Annual Subscription to! Promo Code: ANCJQ12
Sign up and have unlimited access to classes from +Scott Kelby +Jeremy Cowart +Rick Sammon +RC Concepcion +Frank Doorhof +Douglas Sonders +Matt Kloskowski +Corey Barker +Alan Hess +Terry White +Joe McNally +Moose Peterson +Calvin Hollywood and many more!

So how do you arrange YOUR circles?

We haven't won the war but I think the public sent a clear notice to government and big corporations.


Off Topic: this is being voted on today by government, if you don't know about this you need to get educated and decide. It affects photographers and how we share an reshare work and content. It's been called censorship of the Internet by Google. Check it out.
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