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Successful launch day with zero major issues...

Yeah, it's kind of like that.
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I need to spend more time here. Somehow notifications were off for this group and I have been missing some great dialogs. Problem corrected. 

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Awesome retro-futurism images.
Some  retro futurim pictures from 60's to 80's .
I love the point of view of the artists 
Retro Futurism
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Sage advice. 
The art of reserving judgement.

Edward Snowden did what he did. Allegedly. 

Regardless, he exposed a program by the US government that smells unconstitutional. Apparently. 

There is a large effort out there to force a rush to judgement on Snowden, his motives and the nature of his actions. Definitely. 

The camps are forming, and each side wants you to join in. Some want to vilify Snowden as a traitor, a spy or a criminal. 

Others want to lionize Snowden as a hero, a martre or a saint. 

Let's all do something different this time: Let's withhold judgement on Snowden until we have enough information to arrive as a conclusion one way or the other. The only thing we know for sure is that we don't know much. 

Why do we have to rush in and choose sides right away just because various interests really want us to? 
I say this is an ideal time to practice the art of reserving judgement.

What do you think?

#edwardsnowden   #prism   #prismgate  
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I'll be back, and you'll remember...
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The memory device, has already been hailed as one of the top ten scientific breakthroughs of 2013, and could be on the market in five to ten years, researchers believe.
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"Psychosocial" wearable sensors to help prevent meltdowns in space?

Next up, thought crime prevention?

Good stuff coming and interesting applications.
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Proud to be a part of this amazing conference.
We officially have 24 speakers and four alternates selected and notifications will start on May 31, 2013 8am GMT.

I would like to make note of something:

Our speakers are women, men, LGBT, married, single, white, brown, they will present in English, Dutch, Spanish and American.

When you let people select speakers, not committees, you get a list of people that represents a community.​ #TFT13
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Why do people in IT always make me regret following / Circling their company profiles? 

Seriously, there is a fine line between aggressive marketing and flat out annoying people who would otherwise be your advocates.
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