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Has anyone used Google Cast for Education? If so, how to apply it in class?

Looking for clarification. When I remove a file that has been shared with me (from someone else) from my drive, that DOES NOT delete from the original owner's drive, right? 

Salut tout le monde! Don't forget to share our online PLN with others. This is a great space to share ideas, ask questions and make some great connections. Through #fslchat I found someone to have a Google Hangout with both of our classes last year. It was great. Also, Sunday night 9-10pm #fslchat on Twitter will be starting up soon. Our moderators, Jen Aston and Dawn Telfer always have great topics and questions to discuss. It is fun and the hour flies by. Enjoy the rest of your summer and we look forward to sharing with you in the year to come.

Our staff / students having so many problems with wifi on personal devices since the system was changed. One of our teachers spent way too much time trying to help kids put work on their eportfolios. Connection errors, weak wifi. Chromebooks were used in the end but frustrated with how un-user-friendly when trying to make it easier for kids to post work. HELP!!! It used to be so easy to login to school wifi on tablet or phone.

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Les 7ièmes et 8ièmes sont des critiques des œuvres d'art. Des codes QR sont là pour écouter les élèves dites leurs paragraphes! Ça, c'est cool pour moi!
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What is best practice for keys that fall off?  How to get it back on?  I tried Gorilla Glue (the one like Crazy Glue) but did not hold and actually made a bit of a mess the second time that I tried it with a bit more glue).  HELP!!

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Here is a link to my Google Slides for Flyswatter games.  I sometimes call it Mache la moustique.  Add to them, create new ones if you like.  Just duplicate a page, delete boxes, then add your own.  Change the credits in the notes section.  It would be great to have one for each "theme".

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Here is a link to Google Form to track assessment for AIM program.  I had a paper copy from somewhere with levels, but changed to my own headings.  It is copy of my original.  Make your own copy and adapt away!

Anyone want to try a Hangout soon?  Something very simple would be great.  Here are my Core French class times - 40 min. each (Eastern Time)
9h40 - 8
10h35 - 7
11h15 - 6
12h55 - 5/6
1h35 - 4
2h30 - 4/5

So everyone, what's the coolest thing that you are doing this year...or want to do?  
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