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I'm not too thrilled that the "Mark all as read " banner has been replaced by a smallish button whose position is dependent on the number of items in the list.

I liked the big banner because I didn't have to really look to hit it.  Now, I have to look at the screen, figure out where it is, and then move my mouse.  Before, I would just scroll down, move my mouse somewhere at the bottom using my peripheral vision and click to get to the next category or feed.  It's definitely not nearly as user friendly.

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Gmail has a cool feature where you can create unique email addresses based on your username using the plus sign. For instance, you can say and still receive the email at I use this feature to register on a lot of retailers' websites (e.g.,, and then use filters to automatically put emails from those retailers in folders. (I also use it to see if any of those retailers are sharing my information with 3rd parties.)

Recently, I started having problems on certain sites that I hadn't visited lately, Best Buy and Costco to be specific. I couldn't log in with the plus sign in my email address anymore. Costco's tech support wasn't much help. It took several weeks and a few phone calls, but they eventually fixed the issue, allowing me to use the email address with the plus sign. My biggest complaint is that they didn't inform me it was fixed. I just tried it one day and it worked.

Best Buy didn't fix the problem, but they changed my e-mail address for me, since I couldn't log in and do it myself. Their tech support was actually very helpful and I was pleased with the outcome although disappointed that I couldn't use the plus sign anymore.

I know having special characters in email addresses may seem unusual, but it is valid according to the spec: RFC5322 section 3.2.3 ( Why can't the people that implement these sites code to the spec instead of just copying some email regular expression they find somewhere online?

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This is so true!
Marvel's fan & non-fan ... watching a Marvel movie 

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My son and I had a Siri (iOS 7) vs. Google Now Search battle last night. Very unscientific. We did not keep score, but Google did better overall.

I think Siri really falls short on speech recognition. Part of the problem was that you had to repeat the same phrase to Siri over and over. We were watching Thursday Night Football while we were doing this, so one of our searches was about the color commentator: "Who is Mike Mayock?" Siri could never figure out "Mayock" and kept asking if my son wanted to send an e-mail to someone named Mike.  Google got it right the first time.

Some of the differences:
* Siri can now control phone settings through speech (Turn off wi-fi)
* Google can set location based reminders (Remind me to get milk the next time I'm at Target).

The biggest surprise for me is that I thought if I said something like "Play Van Halen", I thought Google would know to fire up Google Play Music and play some VH. It didn't.

Strange thing:  I asked Google "How old is Michael Vick?" and Google answered right away:  33. However, when my son asked Siri, Siri just gave some stats about Michael Vick that did not include age.  But, later, we tried again and Siri got it right. That seemed strange to me. Same question, different results.

They both can handle pronouns in a follow up question, which surprised me. I thought only Google did that. ("How old is Michael Vick?", followed by, "Where did he go to college?")

I probably should have documented our voice search challenge. I learned a lot about both Google and Siri. The query "NFL" returns the NFL schedule for both. However, Google's results were more useful, because it included the current score of the Eagles/Chiefs game we were watching.

We would boisterously cheer ("BA-BAM" or "BOOYAH") when one of our devices could do something the other couldn't. We'd compare the results when a query was answered by both. In general, Google returned results faster. When they were both able to answer the same question, the results were comparable. My son was teasing me when we asked, "How much is 35 euros in dollars?" because Siri's answer was 2 cents more than Google's. Of course, neither of us know which is more accurate (and I did not have the heart to tell him that 2 cents is probably close enough).

As geeky as it sounds, this was a lot of fun. 

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I'm not sure how I feel about this. I love time travel stories and 12 Monkeys is not only my favorite time travel movie, it is my all time favorite movie. I'm not entirely sure how they would pull this off as an on-going series. #12Monkeys

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Great article about what I'm dealing with as an O's and Nats fan living in North Carolina.

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This comic has it all if you like #disney, #starwars, #marvel, #avengers, #firefly, and #josswhedon:

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I tried this. I was expecting the games to look like I remember, but they updated the look -- even Pong. Most of the games are pretty fun, but the controls are a bit hard to get used to. Depending on the game, you can use the keyboard or the mouse. I think I had the most fun playing Super Breakout. I wonder if they will ever add Circus Atari. That was one of my favorites!
Play Atari games free in your browser using HTML5 and JS:

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