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Android icon- and interfacedesign
Android icon- and interfacedesign

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We're streamlining a lot of processes at +Opoloo lately, and we've decided to slash some of the social networks we're not using frequently anymore.  

Don't be afraid - Google+ is definitely our favorite, and we simply love you guys here. But all news and conversations will be continued primarily at our companies profile at +Opoloo and my own +Guenther Beyer from now on. 

So I'd suggest to head over there and add us to your circles for updates and more awesomeness in the future.


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The weekend is quickly approaching. Here's a recommendation of what to do, once you're on your way home: Grab some headphones with your smartphone and launch in Chrome or Firefox.

We worked on this with The Brothers Chapman, creating a unique audio-visual-lingual experience for mobile. Enjoy.


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Another beautiful app, using the Developer Icons 2 set. 
Clean, Holo interface, exactly the right amount of features for distraction free writing, and perfect Dropbox integration. What else can you ask for?
Finally my latest app got also approved by Dropbox for the Dropbox Sync API. Do you like Write for Android (my other app) or are in need of a simple text file based Note taking solution that syncs to Dropbox? Here is my latest app called Write in the cloud. Very minimalistic UI but it can be quite handy at times. Files can also be edited with every other Text Editor where you can access your Dropbox files.

#write   #dropbox   #android   #androiddev  

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We got some new featured apps, making good use of our little iconset. 

Sudoku by +Jamie McDonald is a beautiful, Holo themed Sudoku app, with a build in solver.

+Will Roman and +Joshua Deffibaugh build Valet, a simple and slick app to remember where you parked your car.

Finally Cliffhanger by +Nadav Fima helps you keep track of your TV schedule, with a very feature-rich, well designed Android app.

Give those gentlemen ad their great apps a quick look and your money - they deserve it.

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+Roman Nurik just released an amazing widget called DashClock for devices running Android 4.2+. If you've been looking for a much better lockscreen experience, here's the solution.

The widget is well designed following Android's Holo guidelines and features a couple of extensions and visualization options. 

There's also some love for, since Roman has been using a couple of those.

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We've just started a discussion about the state of the save icon in 2013 over at +Opoloo 's blog. There are already some amazing comments and ideas being pushed around. Head over and participate, if you care about the floppy - or not.

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Welcome to another great year, everybody.

We slightly updated the website and added xxhdpi sizes to the Boilerplates, for everybody caring about pixelperfect Nexus 10 app icons.

#android   #nexus10   #xxhdpi  

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More free stuff in time for Christmas.

Grab those 12 new emoticons in 4 sizes and 14 colors, perfectly suited to beautify your already awesome Android apps. We don't want you to get bored over the holidays, right?

#androiddev   #icons

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Neat. +Alexander Gherschon put together an interesting Android library for developers, and released it as an app. Androidicons is also featured in the tools-section.

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So, if you're requesting a launchericon from Androidicons these days, you'll get it in 6 different sizes, handcrafted:

* Play Store - 512 px
* xxhdpi - 144 px
* xhdpi - 96 px
* hdpi - 72 px
* mdpi - 48 px
* ldpi - 36 px if you still need it

Thanks for sharing, +Nick Butcher 
Nexus 10 launcher icons

The gorgeous screen on the Nexus 10 falls into the XHDPI density bucket.  On tablets, Launcher uses icons from one density bucket up [0] to render them slightly larger.  To ensure that your launcher icon (arguably your apps most important asset) is crisp you need to add a 144*144px icon in the drawable-xxhdpi or drawable-480dpi folder.


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