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Matías Nicolás Caruso
That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.
That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.

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What if you and everyone in your city are really legends in disguise?
Choose your uncanny powers and play out modern tales of mystery in this cinematic role-playing game. Back it on Kickstarter today!

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I like this. The setting looks cool and they made a more free-form narrative approach to the Apocalypse World engine.
Are you ready to unravel this mystery?

I'm delighted to announce the City of Mist Kickstarter campaign is underway! You are welcome to check it out. PLEASE SHARE this in any way possible and help us make City of Mist real.

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Second and final session for our Godbound demo game. I love this game.

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Actual Play: Godbound – A Game of Divine Heroes (Part 2)
we run the second and final session for our Godbound demo scenario (first part
can be found here , along with a review of the game). At the
end of the previous session heroes reached Level 2, so they’ve grow stronger
(the game is designed to be ea...

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My Godbound's review and actual play is up.

Back this game, it's awesome.

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Review & Actual Play: Godbound – A Game of Divine Heroes (Part 1)
Currently on Kickstarter (and doing quite well, if I may add), Godbound: A Game of Divine Heroes  is the new roleplaying game by Kevin Crawford, owner of Sine Nomine Publishing, a one-man company that brought us awesome OSR games like Stars Without Numbers,...

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It's finally up! Godbound is a roleplaying game of common men and women blessed (or cursed) with a divine spark to rise as demigods into a shattered world.

I've been reading the free beta rules for weeks and I can't recommend this game high enough. If you like telling epic over the top stories this is the game you want.

The system core is OSR, but very modified to adapt to the genre. I've wanted a system like this to play this sort of stories for ages. No more overly complicated rules and a bazillon powers to choose from.

If I've picked your interest, I encourage you to pledge to the KS, download the free beta and see it for yourselves.
Rejoice, O makers of mighty deeds! The Godbound Kickstarter lives!

After long toil and preparation, I offer to you this game of legendary heroes and living demigods, with Sine Nomine adventure creation tools forged around a core of classic old-school mechanics. Within its pages you will find all you need to conjure up mythic warriors and blazing sorcerer-heroes, wielders of subtle arts and honey-voiced divinities that slay with a smile. Comfortable, familiar mechanics are married to a flexible system of divine gifts and mighty workings, the better to enable PCs to actually change the world and not to merely inhabit it.

Godbound has tools for GMing empire-building and the quarrels of kings, frameworks for enacting divine changes upon a people or a landscape, and guidelines for the building of edifices of culture, learning, and industry. Direct, hands-on methods for letting PCs make a difference in the world are woven in with the thrills of adventuring in the shards of fallen Heaven or dueling the dark powers of parasite gods, vile Eldritch, and unspeakable Uncreated abominations. While Godbound comes with the example realm of Arcem to frame your hero's mighty deeds, the tools in it are meant to complement and support any world the GM cares to make, or even those lands borrowed from existing creations.

Back now and you can immediately download the beta 1.1 document from the link at backer update #1. 184 pages of soft-set draft, fully playable and ready to hit the table. Go ahead and share it with your friends, if you like; what you see there is going into a free edition, a la Stars Without Number, to help ensure you can get a game going with minimal investment from your friends. Backers will get a deluxe version with 40 more pages of Godbound goodness, plus the Sixteen Sorrows toolkit supplement if that stretch goal hits, with both products due to hit the market at DriveThruRPG once they're complete.

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Ayuda a Beethoven a organizar sus composiciones en su 245º aniversario #GoogleDoodle

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