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A Healing Mass
As you can tell, Mr. M and I haven't updated this blog for a while, now that we have a new, more public blog at - public meaning we share our first names and pictures. But - I am glad this blog still exists. As excited we...

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We're Adopting! New Blog
Hello all! We know it has been awhile since we have posted, but that is because we have been busy at work on adoption: we just started the home study and hope to finish it by the Fall. We know even this announcement is hard news for some of you, so we want ...

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Beginnings, and Endings
Prologue This week has felt particularly long, and difficult. Two unexpected pregnancy announcements, both from women I don't know that well, but who are younger than me and married less time than me (ouch). A few projects at work that involve thinking abou...

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This Upcoming National Infertility Awareness Week Consider Attending or Promoting...
A Morning for   Hope and Healing  for those struggling with infertility or pregnancy loss Saturday,
April 25, 2015 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m Saint
John Paul II National Shrine   3900 Harewood Road NE  Washington, DC 20017 Schedule: 10 A.M. - Celebration
of Mass  ...

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Musings on the Paschal Mystery (re-post)
I'm re-posting one of my favorite posts, which I wrote a few years ago. Blessed Triduum and Happy Easter! Before they slip from my mind, here are some thoughts/reflections/insights that came to me during the Triduum this year. Fair warning: these are unfilt...

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thoughts on the adoption process
I'm just wondering if any of you ladies who have adopted, or are in the process, or are even just thinking about it, have had a thought like this: "I don't want to adopt. I want to be a mother." This popped into my mind this week after we received some very...

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Good and Evil Recently in Our Lives
Mr. M's here -  This last week has served as a "Sign of Contradiction" week in 2015 where you can see what a difference it makes to follow Christ and to not follow Him. That is, St. John Paul II said that Christ would be a "Sign of Contradiction." For some,...

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tiny steps toward adoption
As Mr. M mentioned in our last post, we're planning to start the adoption process officially this year. That feels like a big  deal, and I guess it is a big deal! Here's what we've been doing related to that: Setting up a fundraising/update blog (public) wh...

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Better Late than Never: New Year's Resolutions
Well, it is that time again. A new year - 2015! Both Ecce and I are feeling pretty excited about this year because we are hoping to accomplish a few, major goals this year. What you may ask are those goals? Well, thanks for asking! I'll tell you as they mos...

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The 2015 Infertility Celebrity Representative IS...
Well the votes are in! You have spoken as to which celebrity from 2014 that you would like to represent our cause of infertility in 2015. It was a close race with every celebrity getting at least one vote. But the winner is ... THE MINIONS!  So expect many ...
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