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Geek lubiący Nintendo, retro gry i japońską (pop)kulturę
Geek lubiący Nintendo, retro gry i japońską (pop)kulturę


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Czyżby jednak przesiadka z G+ na MeWe nie była takim złym pomysłem?
Big news on MeWe! #DieHardsSociety +Friends+Me

**#MeWe welcomes all #GooglePlus users to a better home! :beach:**

To make it easier for our new members from G+, *today we announced that MeWe will launch an upload tool (the *G+ MeWe Importer)** that allows Google+ users to import their G+ content easily onto MeWe. The tool is expected to go live on March 12 or sooner.

The feedback from G+ users about the G+ MeWe Importer is already highly positive, including one G+ user who wrote *\\\"Brilliant. I was dreading this process,\\\" and another who wrote, \\\"That should make things easier!\\\":heart:***

Here is the message MeWe is sending to G+ users, which includes more details about the G+ MeWe Importer:

To help G+ members easily move from G+ to MeWe, on March 12 or sooner, MeWe will have a G+ upload tool (the G+ MeWe Importer) to effortlessly move your content from G+ to MeWe. :popcorn:

*With the G+ MeWe Importer upload tool, you’ll be able to:*

1) *Move your public G+ posts* to MeWe as open posts on your MeWe timeline (dated and ordered the same as they were on G+).

2) *Move your public collection and community posts* to MeWe and create open posts on your MeWe timeline (dated and ordered the same as they were on G+) with the collection or community name as a #hashtag.

3) We'll make improvements to the G+ MeWe Importer after launch, including the ability to *import your data from Circles* onto MeWe, which is expected to be live April 1.

4) To make your transition to MeWe easier, by the end of March a **“posting to close friends” feature will also go live on MeWe**. We’re working on more for you as well.

To make your transition simple, we suggest you do two things right away (please tell your G+ friends) – *download your G+ content and create your MeWe ( account.*

Here’s how to download your G+ content:
Here's an article on Techaeris about moving from G+ to MeWe:

*At MeWe you are #1. You are our customer to serve; never data to sell. Welcome to MeWe!:fireworks::thumbsup: :champagne_glass:*

#RIPGooglePlus #MeWeFebruary
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Hyper Light Drifter - recenzja

Co tu dużo mówić - switchowy port Hyper Light Drifter, za które odpowiedzialne jest hiszpańskie +Abylight Studios, to jedna z najlepszych gier niezależnych na konsolę Nintendo tego roku. Czym ujął mnie ten tytuł? Zapraszam do lektury recenzji 🙂

#hyperlightdrifter #nintendo #switch #recenzja
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Jak kupować gry w japońskim eShopie - poradnik

Panie i Panowie, oto przed Wami jedyny i niepowtarzalny (przynajmniej w tej części internetu) poradnik jak kupować gry na Nintendo Switch w japońskim eShopie. Bo okazuje się, że jednak da się to zrobić bez pomocy innych - trzeba tylko wiedzieć jak wszystko skonfigurować. Do szczęści potrzebujemy tylko japońskiego konta PayPal i wirtualnej karty Revolut. Poradnik krok po kroku jak wszystko ustawić znajdziecie poniżej. Udanych zakupów! 😁

#nintendo #eshop #revolut #paypal
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Hm... Brzmi interesująco. Z Wordpressa nie korzystam, ale może ktoś stworzy mechanizm do kreatywnego wykorzystania tego JSON-a.
Good news everyone,

We've released Google+ Exporter, an application that helps you to export your Google+ feeds (profile, pages, collections, communities, including all comments) to Wordpress eXtended RSS file.

Another available option is to export all posts published to profile, pages, collections, and communities to JSON file, including all comments!

Export up to 3000 posts with our free version.

I would love to know your opinion, suggestions or requests. Thank you!
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Mini serial o dyskowej Straży dostał zielone światło

Hajp wokół netflixowego "Wiedźmina" i pierwszego zdjęcia serialowego Geralta jakoś mnie nie grzeje. Co innego njus o zielonym świetle dla mini serialu o pratchettowej Straży. "Punk rock thriller" w Świecie Dysku? Jaram się opór! 🔥🔥🔥
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Nowy magazyn o grach Wireframe

8 listopada na brytyjskim rynku debiutuje nowy (drukowany!) magazyn o grach: Wireframe. Fajnie, że w czasach w których co chwilę pojawiają się głosy "prasa drukowana umiera!", a kolejne periodyki upadają, znajdą się jeszcze tacy, co wierzą że dobry magazyn z porządnym contentem się obroni i może funkcjonować na rynku. Trzymam kciuki za tę inicjatywę.

Co ciekawe, można zdobyć darmowy egzemplarz z wysyłką do Polski - wystarczy tylko pokryć koszty wysyłki, które wynoszą £1. A wersja cyfrowa (w formie pliku pdf) ma być dostępna za darmo w dniu premiery. Więcej szczegółów na stronie magazynu:
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Ciekawe dane pojawiają się po tym, jak wujek Gugiel ogłosił wyłączenie G+.
There's been some discussion about the validity of "Ghost Town" assessments of Google+

Back in January 2015, some Internet Whackjob downloaded 25 GB worth of G+ sitemap files and 50,000+ profile homepages to generate an active public-posting user count of ~4-6 million as of January 2015.

I know this, because I was that Internet Whackjob and Space Alien Cat.

(Business Insider granting me that as my bio made my week, just sayin'.)

That was a minuscule fraction of both Facebook's, and of the (then) 2.2 billion total profiles on Google+. The red line up the left hand side of the chart below isn't a border. That's the Google+ profiles that never posted a single solitary public item, ever. It's 90% of them, some 2 billion in total.

The methodology and numbers were validated independently three months by Stone Temple Consulting, using a 10x larger sample of 500,000+ profiles. Incidentally demonstrating that it's sampling methods and not size which are most significant -- I'd already seen the scope of participation within the first 100 accounts polled.

We each also assessed "dark" (non-public) activity based on reported profile view data, and concluded that this was not vastly larger than the public activity to any meaningful extent. I'll allow it could possibly have doubled or quadrupled the estimates, but it wasn't some 10x, 100x, or more larger, which would be necessary to compare against more successful networks, or even Google's own reported activity levels -- the firm were claiming 300 million "interactions" with the service at the time, which were any interaction with the G+ notifications pane. I suspect most were dismissing the damned thing.

I independently explored other measures of activity mostly using Google Web Search, and still came up with values about 5% of those represented by Facebook at the time (August, 2015).

Recent reports suggest about 105 million MUAs (Wikipedia list of social networks), which given heuristics about online participation (mostly the 90/9/1 rule). Based on some other estimates, the highly-active group seems likely to be somewhere in the 50,000 - 500,000 range, and likely the lower end of this. That's curiously in line with measures of Usenet activity dating to the late 1980s - early 2000s.

Survey organisations including Nielsen, Gallup, Pew, a German government-linked research group, and others, have come up with roughly corresponding measures of G+ activity or have long since stopped tracking it entirely.

Google have just revealed that 90% of user sessions on G+ are < 5 seconds.

So: actually, assessments have been made, and relative to the mainstream players, G+ really never attracted a large, by present standards, following.

The links here cover virtually any question that could conceivably be asked, and trust me, they have all been asked over the past three and a half years, far more times than I care to remember. I'd suggest you read and not bother me. And I mean that.

Mind: 100 million people, or even 5 million, is a lot. They'll generate far more posts and discussion than you can ever read. (If you live 85 years, and meet 5 million people, you can give each of them just under 9 minutes of your time. Nothing scales like scale, and attention is the ultimate rivalrous resource.) And I've had some fantastic conversations, discoveries, experiences, and friendships here. I'm going to miss that. I'd predicted the shuttering some time back (I think we're about halfway through my five-year window), and while I have regrets and many annoyances and differences with Google over many things, I'm at peace with the fact.

My sense is that we've got a plane with a lot of souls on board, no idea precisely how many, I'm one of the folks with the time, interest, and just maybe some ability to get it safely to the ground, motherfucking snakes and all, so that's what I'm focused on, and am trying to get done. With a little help from some friends (and I very sincerely thank those stepping up: You Are Awesome an everything that is in fact golden about this Very Tarnished Internet Thing we accidentially made.)

Am I sore on the continued uninformed bloviating on this point? We report, you decide.
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A tak mógłby wyglądać nowy design G+ dla wszystkich. No ale wiadomo, zobaczy go tylko biznes...
This gif was posted by Google on their blog regarding new features for Google+ on G Suite.

I'm very mad we aren't getting this new look.
Animated Photo
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Google+ died because Google Assistant was successful.

Previously, G+ was a great way to harvest data about people so that search, ads, and so on worked better. It was almost altruistic to open a network to just harvest content. But now Google can do that at the much more granular, personal, and individual level with Assistant, so it doesn't really need a social network anymore.

G+ isn't coming back because G+ was never about the people, just the data. And Google found a much more efficient way to collect that data.
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Książka Wielka Księga Gier

Jeżeli Piotr Mańkowski bierze się za książkę o historii gier wideo to nie ma opcji - tę pozycję trzeba będzie mieć u siebie na półce. Wielka Księga Gier (bo taki będzie miała tytuł) jest wielka nie tylko z nazwy. Na 676 stronach (sic!) autor prześledził przemiany jakie zaszły w świecie elektronicznej rozrywki na przestrzeni ostatnich 50 lat. Przeczytamy w niej o najbardziej znaczących grach oraz firmach, które je wyprodukowały. Jak możemy przeczytać na stronie, WKG to "prawdopodobnie najbardziej obszerna na świecie publikacja o historii gier wideo, pełna unikalnych informacji i ekskluzywnych zdjęć". Wkrótce ma ruszyć przedsprzedaż książki.
Więcej szczegółów znajdziecie na stronie

#książka #gry #historia
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